Social Media Tips – Complete Your Facebook Story and Link to Social Media Accounts

No doubt you and your company have a presence on Social Media, or , perhaps you’re still on the fence and wondering what all the hype is about. If that’s the case we can’t really help you. However, if you have a facebook you may want to revisit your “About” section to make sure that all the sections are complete. One area here that many companies neglect to fill in is the “Other Links”. Keep reading as we share tips on creating a proper and complete Page bio section.

Please note, we are managing our corporate facebook pages using what’s called Business Manager, something introduced by facebook last year. For those of you who have been managing pages for some time, the business manager experience may freak you out a little bit! Managing your pages is much different, however, you will have more capabilities at your disposal including the ability to share admin and page management duties, linking of pages, linking to Instagram accounts, and most important, setting up paid for promotions and Ad account management. Keep in mind, facebook Pages manager also has a separate, stand-along mobile application to help you manage your corporate pages.

Here we walk through the process of creating a complete profile and focus on several areas that many people forget about. Completing these sections of your company bio will ensure that you share a good, descriptive profile for your visitors. The examples below are taken from our GEO Jobe facebook Page

Visit your facebook Page using Page Manager

If you use Page Manager then select “About” on the left sidebar navigation. This is where you add all the related contact information for your company. Be sure to complete as much as you can, including phone number, email, weblinks, and description.

facebook page management
facebook page management

Your Company Story

When editing your information you may notice a section titled “Story” (right side). This is where you can share your company’s story. Be sure to fill in this area as well.

your facebook company story
your facebook company story

Complete Additional Contact Info

complete your facebook additional contact info
Complete your facebook additional contact info section

One section that many forget about is the other contact info. this is where you can add links to your other social media accounts.  Since you go to all the effort of building and maintaining these social communities why not share them? In this section you can add links to: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.

Finally, be sure to showcase your company’s services. This is where you can focus on specific product and/or service offerings. For example, we’ve highlighted our flagship products here (Admin Tools, GEOPowered Cloud) as well as our specialty services, custom application development and UAV services.

Good luck growing your facebook community and be sure to give us a Like – we”ll also check out you newly updated page and drop a Like on you as well!

Don’t have a facebook page yet? You can get started HERE

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