The MapThis! Pumpkin Carving Template #TBT

Here’s a little Throwback Thursday #TBT fun for the season as we share these popular tips from several years ago. Follow the instructions for this pumpkin carving template and you might just have the coolest (or Geeky-est) pumpkin on the block this year!


Directions for carving your own “MapThis! Pumpkin” for Halloween.


1 Good Pumpkin
1 Sharp Knife
1 Set of Pumpkin Carving tools like these – Pumpkin Carving Tools (You can get these almost anywhere)
The MapThis! Pumpkin Carving Template (PDF) – MapThisStamp

Approximately 1.5 hrs


1.) Download and Print out the MapThis! template here (PDF) – MapThisStamp
2.) Tape the template to the pumpkin, as best you can, making sure the letters on the template are as flat against the pumpkin as possible. This will make tracing the design onto the pumpkin easier.

3.) Use the perforation tool in your pumpkin carving kit to trace around all the cut out areas (white areas) on the template. This tool will create a perforated trail through the template and onto the pumpkin for following during the carving process.

4.) Once you have traced all areas to be cut out with the perforation tool. Cut the top out of the pumpkin and clean out the insides. Scrape everything out of the pumpkin with the pumpkin scraping tool in the pumpkin carving kit. In some cases, you may have to scrape more away from the inside pumpkin wall to make carving easier with your tools.

5.) At this point, take all the pumpkin seeds out and place them in an oven pan for roasting. Roast for about 10-12 minutes and lightly salt. This is a must, these things are delicious, healthy and increase concentration and focus for carving.

 6.) Now remove the template from the pumpkin and begin carving along the perforated lines using the appropriate pumpkin carving tools.

7.) Take a damp cloth and wipe off any excess pumpkin shavings carefully – Finished!!

Be sure to send us your results! Tweet us or Instagram us a picture @geojobegis with the #MapThis hashtag and your geo-location turned on.  Feel free to share this with your Peeps! Suggested Tweet:

“How to carve your own #MapThis! Pumpkin for Halloween”

Here’s the downloadable MapThis template {PDF}






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