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We really dig story maps, I mean who wouldn’t? This technology exists to enable pretty much anyone to build and share awesome webmaps and map-based stories and data visualizations. It’s always great to see new maps, particularly when they come from non-traditional “GIS-ers”.  For those who need a Story Maps Production Team Esri has shared some valuable pointers that should guarantee your success.

Nashville Breweries, Wineries, & Distilleries
Nashville Breweries, Wineries, & Distilleries Story Map created by @nicklawalin of GEO Jobe

Via the Esri blogs, the team of mapping professionals have shared the following to help you leverage Story Maps for your business:

Great story maps can be produced by a team or an individual, but collaborating to generate ideas and input from a variety of people with different skills, talents, and perspectives can be highly rewarding and will inevitably improve your story maps. When assembling a story maps production team there’s no magic number of people that will make the team successful, but it does help to have certain skills represented.

Some specific tips to keep in mind when putting together your Story Maps Team:

  • Each story the team produces should have a story owner who is passionate about the topic
  • A story map needs a cartographer
  • The writer should be able to draft stories in clear language for the intended audience
  • Have someone on your team who knows a bit of code

For more specific details on building out a Story Maps production team in your organization, or simply to help you as a powerful team of 1, read this blog post from Esri, you’ll be thankful you did!

Have you or your team created a Story Map or Map Journal lately? Please tell us about it so we can check it out! Ping us on Twitter @geojobegis or just leave a comment here.

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