What’s New in ArcGIS 10.5 – Recap of ArcGIS enterprise, Named Users, Insights, new Server Options

Trust the fine folks up North with Esri Canada to educate us all on what’s new in ArcGIS at R 10.5. Just this week (Jan 24) Chris North (@GISgeekNorth) and his crew at @esricanada hosted an informative live session that touched on the new features found in ArcGIS 10.5 and in particular, ArcGIS enterprise. We look at some of the key touch points.

what's new in ArcGIS 10.5

Highlights from the ArcGIS 10.5 Webinar:

  • A deployment of Web GIS – becomes your CMS
  • You can deploy the webgis onto your own servers or on cloud servers
  • At 10.5, the Suite of web GIS deployment is now called ArcGIS Enterprise (was ArcGIS Server and Portal)
  • Deploy internally (non-cloud) or public cloud infrastructure (Azure)
  • Can enable portal collaboration to share apps, maps etc… between portal users

ArcGIS 10.5

New – named user types (for AGO and AGE)

  • All users in a webgis need an identity, particularly to facilitate groups and sharing etc… Identity and the roles are fundamental to how the web gis is governed. Answers, who am I and what do I need to do my job (and perhaps protect sensitive data)
  • Existing named users become a level 2 user
  • Level 1 is a read only user within your org
  • Level 1 users come at a smaller price point for licensing
  • Level 1 – members who need view priviledge for maps and apps. Level 11 has no access to “my content” but can view Gallery data and any data that is shared to a group he belongs to.
  • L1 cannot create a group and cannot create or share maps within the Organization.
  • L1 can mostly review but not edit apps and data

arcgis 10.5

New Server Types – tools to deliver capabilities within your platform

  • 4 New Server types – GIS, Image Geoanalytics, and GeoEvents servers
  • No longer extensions but stand alone servers
  • These are separate products but they an be deployed independently.
  • The GIS server – essentially its ArcGIS Server (publishes your feature services) unchanged
  • Image server – process vast amounts of Imagery for your maps and apps
  • GeoEvent Server – process high volume, high velocity data, run ever changing feeds for analysis into other services. Save data for further geoanalytics
  • GeoAnalytics (new) – do distributed computations against very large datasets and distribute results across your organization. Perform tasks like a spatial join, analyze results and return them to your org. Perform spatial and temporal analysis. Ideal for those who perform automated analysis regularly on large datasets. Comes “out of  the box” and ready to use
  • Note, for the enterprise user interested in getting into a Server Solution, be sure to investigate our GeoPowered Cloud solution as an affordable option!

arcgis server roles

NEW Product – Insights – part of Enterprise 10.5

  • Can optionally use it with GeoAnalytics server 10.5
  • A whole new set of visualization types – new non-map ways of dataviz – time series graphs, charts, tables.
  • Named 2 users can use and build insights, L1 can view only
  • Connect directly to other DBs like Oracle, SQL server etc… and use that tabular data

To view a recording of this webinar and access all Esri Canada webinars see http://esri.ca/en/events/webinars-overview

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