Martin Luther King Jr Maps – Mapping the Fight Against Segregation

On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day we are reminded again of the important fight for human rights an justice for all. Esri has recognized the day appropriately by sharing details of a fine Story Map titled “Mapping Segregation in Washington DC“. The map shows the history of what was known as racially restrictive covenants in property deeds, which then expanded to neighborhood-wide petition covenants. These signed, legally binding, contractual agreements governing real estate deals, officially restricted the race of the signer. These agreements led to entire neighborhoods becoming effectively white-only zones where black and other minority buyers could not penetrate the market.

About the map – This story map by Esri Partner JMT Technology Group shows the legal challenges on behalf of, and finally challenging restrictive covenants that lasted from the turn of the century up until 1948. Learn more about the long fight to end segregation in America: Mapping Segregation in Washington DC Story Map

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