StoryMap Explores the Life and Words of Dr. Martin Luther King

Today, on this MLK Day, the life and accomplishments and vision of Dr. Martin Luther King are in the spotlight and on the minds of many. As a result, we wanted to share this fine StoryMap produced by Allen Carroll of Esri. 

Created by Carroll and his team using the Story Map Journal app along with a newspaper style basemap and  Map Notes, the story unfolds as an engaging story that is fantastic historical reading for all and also a fine teaching resource for in the classroom.

Story Map –  the life of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Dr. MLK StoryMap


Read more about the making of the MLK Story Map HERE

We enjoy, appreciate, and use the Esri Story Map technology and apps here at GEO Jobe. These tools and templates make creating, authoring, and sharing maps and webmaps easy and possible for all, opening up the World of GIS and geospatial thinking to everyone – no programming required! Story Maps are exciting for us as a company / Esri business partner as it provides another technology that we can think about building solutions on and hopefully making even better for all. Case in point, users and user orgs that build Story Maps for their organization can better manage and organize these data and maps using our Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online.

Some of the Story Maps we’ve created recently include: Story Map Journal of #GeoGeeksinCars Video Interviews, Our Admin Tools User Community Story Map, and our 2017 User conference activities story map. See more Recognizing Excellence in Mapping with Esri Story Map Technology

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