Tennessee Wildfire Map and Sevier County Structure Status WebMap

Indeed a tragedy recently with the horrific wildfires that have ravaged parts of Tennessee. The response has been swift and there’s also been an outpouring of generosity and support from the community and to the responders and volunteers. OF interest, an interactive webmap resource has been developed to help manage the inventory of structures destroyed. This interactive map provides the status of individual structures. According to the resource, more information will be added as data is processed.

The map can be manipulated and browsed above or jump directly to the source.

Click or tap on the links below to zoom to specific communities and on the map for more specific information. Homes have been cataloged in the following counties: Gatlinburg, Cobbly Nob, Pigeon Forge, Wears Valley, Shell Mountain, Sevier County.

Of note, Esri receives calls for help and support for all kinds of emergencies and disasters. The recent wildfires in Tennessee are but one example.  Esri’s Disaster Relief Program (DRP) provides direct support to the organizations and agencies charged with handling emergency response, relief, and support. This resource is crucial, particularly when you imagine a scenario where infrastructure, software, hardware, and sadly, even staff, were needed and relied upon for emergency response and then lost in an instant in a fire, tornado, or other incident.

“The mission of Esri’s response programs is to reinforce its reputation as a good corporate citizen by providing software and support to organizations and agencies impacted by complex emergencies and large-scale special events,” said McIntosh. “Esri staff members are available at all times to respond to an emergency whenever or wherever it happens.”

How It Works

To receive assistance, an agency or organization first needs to fill out a request form on the DRP website. The DRP team then receives an automatic notification that a request has been filed.

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