Visualizing the National Water Model in ArcGIS

Something new today from Esri (and NOAA) is the ability for users of ArcGIS Online to visualize the national water model map service and flood forecasts for the continental US. This service enables forecasting and datviz of more than 2.7 million stream line segments that are updated hourly – see more on the process in this blog post on the ArcGIS blog.

See the scene directly in ArcGIS Online here

Word of this new service came out today via an Esri news release (See here). According to this first update, there are 4 services available for visualization including:

With these data, Esri maps the flow of water along 2.7 million stream segments. The National Weather Service data populates the interactive maps with hourly updates and forecasts up to 10 days.

According to the Esri blog, users can find the map services in The Living Atlas of the World in ArcGIS Online, or by connecting to the server.


Locate the NOAA water model forecasts HERE (see above)

See also more about the National Water Model


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