Webmaps Made Easy for the Real Estate Professional with Esri Story Maps

The Esri Story Map technology has matured greatly over the past year and there are many uses of Story Maps for professionals. This detailed video walks through the use of Story Maps for real estate professionals.  Commercial real estate professionals have come to rely on flyers and slide decks, but is there a better way to engage and communicate with clients?

Esri’s Helen Thompson and Alexander Martonik demonstrate how to bring your portfolios, development projects, or property listings to life with Esri Story Maps.

The video takes a look at the 5 most popular apps including the Story Maps Tour and discusses some of the many benefits of using Story Maps such as:

  • easy to use online builder
  • adaptive design
  • responsive
  • build once deploy repeatedly
  • geolocate almost anything
  • drag and drop media into your maps
  • customization of the source code

For more ideas and inspiration check out the story maps gallery at storymaps.arcgis.com



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