5 Things on Friday 15 – NYC Open Data, Holiday Vector Tiles, Shipmaps and more

For our final 5 Things on Friday for the year we’ve stumbled onto some amazing maps, webmaps, and web services recently and are glad to share them here. To celebrate the holidays we share a really cool ArcGIS map that uses a fun Holiday-themed vector tile basemap layer for added wow factor. We’ve also shared an amazing urban planning tool from NYC build on Esri technology and NYC Open Data.  For fun we also have a cool game-like service for managing the NY subway and we also get a peak at making tacos in space! Enjoy the maps and Happy holiday to all!

Holiday Basemap Layer on the ISS Picture Map

Here’s a very clever webmap from Dave and the gang at COGS in Nova Scotia, Canada. the amazing map shares photos captured and shared from the ISS and is constantly updated – you can even see the ISS moving on the map! To celebrate the holiday season the team has also added a fun and festive holiday vector tile basemap layer – very nice touch!

holiday basemap


Shipmap is an amazing visualisation of global shipping traffic, created by Kiln.digital and the UCL Energy Institute. Pulling data feeds from the likes of ExactEarth and others, the map shares real-time vessel locations as well as a wealth of additional information including cargo data such as number of containers being shipped, volume of liquids and much more – it’s crazy and viral to watch!  Move the slider to view historical ship movements as well. click the play button to get the full story.


Brand New Subway

The brand new subway application is a game scenario where the user can define and build on the New York subway system. Define custom travel routes and the transit map updates accordingly and also gives you a projected cost and more. The web service is loads of fun and really gives you a good idea of what an amazing and effective planning tool could look like. The game is built upon a real, live map of New York City. When players build each station, the game uses a variety of data sources (census data, jobs data, existing transportation demand data, etc.) to estimate the station’s ridership. Definitely WOW technology!

brand new subway

Vision Zero – CoolMaps!

Built on New York City Open Data, the Vision Zero project shares an impressive 3D data visualization of New York City along with traffic and accident data. You get a great idea of traffic flow patterns and data provided includes accident information about pedestrians, vehicles, and pedestrians that have been struck. An impressive urban planning tool! View recent pedestrian deaths/injuries and locations of incidents on the map – WOW!

vision zero NYC

Space Tacos!

This isn’t a webmap, web service or geeky tip, however, it is very cool! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to build a taco while in space? Enjoy this image sharing the experience from the ISS… complete with guac and salsa!

space tacos

We hope you found something of interest here. If you have a cool GIS, GeTech, Geo EDU, UAV or other story/tip of interest, please share with us via email (hit the Contact Us link to the right) or drop us a tweet @GEOjobeGIS

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