5 Things on Friday 18 – Must-Have, Awesome, Work / Life Productivity Tools

This week for our 5 Things feature we take a quick look at some awesome apps, tools, resources that can enhance your work and/or personal life. These are business and wellness tools that can contribute to your enhanced productivity and well being. The suggestions come from our team here at GEO Jobe – enjoy!


David, our VP of software Development and lead in the Biloxi, MS office tips us off to Trello. In addition to being a fantastic office organizer, Trello is a must-have for David outside of the office. He uses it to help manage his time and around the house projects, week-end To-Do lists, shopping, and other projects. Good idea Dave!




This goes without saying as Slack is indeed truly awesome! Jamie uses slack every day as part of her job as a developer at GEO Jobe, the app is crucial for managing our projects and for internal communications. Jamie also depends on Slack to help manage her expenses (good idea!). We also archive our ideas from the team for our blog posts, bookmark marketing ideas, we run a pipe that connects our Twitter account to a channel and much more. If you don’t use Slack I have to wonder, why not?? Oh, and if you haven’t tried it already, Slack calling is amazing and handy.



Our team member Jamie has also been using a pomodoro timer (currently via chrome extension) – it’s just a regular timer but kind of themed for the pomodoro technique (time management technique) – she comments, “any timer will work really, but there are more “detailed” kind of apps out there I haven’t tried yet”. Another called Forest (phone app) motivates you to not use your phone by growing your own little forest, which pairs great with the pomodoro technique. They partner with tree planting organizations – there are ways you can plant real trees with things you do in the app!

forest app

Genius Scan Productivity App (mobile)

Suggested by our Customer Service Support Lead, Blake, he swears by this one on his mobile (iOS). Blake describes it as follows… All you have to do is point your device at a printed document, and the camera automatically recognizes it, scans it, adjusts for lighting AND re-scales it for the angle at which it was captured. “It’s borderline witchcraft. The text for me has always been clear and easily readable. ” And you can easily group, categorize, save, and send it to whomever you want. Documents, contracts, forms, receipts. All get taken care of in seconds.

genius scan

Power Clean (for iOS)

CEO Neill Jobe swears by Power Clean for his mobile. He refers to it as “clean my Org for iOS!” Power Clean is a small,fast,free,practical clean tool. Power Clean provides features like clean out photos which have bad quality ;Monitor and manage data usage ; Test network speed ; Find out LAN intruders and more. Power clean for Android is also available

power clean

We’ve got several other more awesome apps to suggest but will share in our next edition of %Thing on Friday.  Do you have an app (mobile or desktop) that you absolutely can’t do without? Is there a service or tool that makes your life better? Please do share it with us, either via comment or ping us on Twitter @geojobegis – Happy Friday!  Remember, to work better with your organization in ArcGIS Online be sure to use our free Admin Tools, available in the “Popular” section of the marketplace.

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