#5Things on Friday 3 – Geography Programs, CSS Tricks, Beer Names and more Tips

Welcome to another fun 5Things on Friday – In this interesting edition we share some useful coding tips, a story map that shares all the geography programs in America, some beer naming tricks, tips for offline data collection, and a fun coloring book for outdoor enthusiasts.

Geography and GIS Programs in the USA

The AAG has created an interesting story map to help students and would-be students locate geography programs at Colleges and Universities in America. The AAG College guide includes an interactive map of geography programs, which allows users to filter programs by province/state, country, degree types, program specialties, and more.  This guide was created using Esri web application tools in ArcGIS Online. On the map, you can click on the diploma icon to select your desired degree level and resources can be saved for later use and reference.

AAG map

CSS Tricks and Code Snippets

Here’s a handy resource for the coder hiding inside of you, or for the seasoned professional. If you need sample code to help you with your projects then this is the resource for you. Users will find sample code to help with coding in HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery, wordPress, and PHP.


National Parks Vintage Coloring Book

Looking for a way to de-stress? Coloring is always a good option and we know that the cartographer in you is a skilled coloring professional. Here’s an interesting  and fun, Vintage-Style Coloring Book for America’s National Parks. The pages include Classics like Yellowstone and Yosemite are here, alongside spots you might’ve never known to visit.

national parks coloring book

Disconnected Editing in Collector

Here’s a pretty common scenario for those of you doing field work and Esri has provided some helpful documentation. Interested in deploying a person or crew of workers to edit your authoritative geographic data in the field without needing a connection to the internet? Collector for ArcGIS is a lightweight native application that makes offline field collection possible with an easy-to-use interface. While usage of the application is simple, there are several deployment options available which can make getting the initial grasp of Collector for ArcGIS somewhat complicated. Read on in this handy blog post.

collector for arcgis

Local Gazetteer Helps Breweries Pick a Name for Beer

Selecting a unique name for a craft beer has been a huge problem for brewers recently. The problem is that the industry is exploding at a tremendous rate, new breweries opening weekly, each of them producing a dozen or more varietals, each needing a unique, branded name. One clever solution to find a usable name has been to employ the Gazetteer of place names to select a prefix or suffix to add to a beer descriptor, hopefully coming up with a usable name that doesn’t infringe on any registered trademarks – clever!

beer names

We hope you found something new, cool and of interest here. Do you have an awesome, geeky, techie, or educational resource to share? If so please tell us and drop a tweet to @GEOjobeGIS or to @gletham – oh, and if you haven’t already tried our popular, free, #1 app in the ArcGIS Marketplace yet, be sure to grab AdminTools and take it for a spin – we’d love to hear your feedback!

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