5Things on Friday 8 – Dev Interview Tips, #ESRIUC Update, ArcGIS Coding Tools and more

Time once again for us to share 5 more very cool things in Geo technology with our community (aka 5things on Friday), we hope you enjoy and find something here that may help you to be even more awesome in your role as a GeoGeek or Geo professional. This week we share a sweet ArcGIS coding resource, a dev interview tip, a poster service, #esriuc update, and a fun, educational video

Create a Great Map Poster with Mapiful

Mapful is one of those really cool, fun web services that makes it really hard for you to resist testing and pulling the trigger on the “BUY” button. We first saw this service on facebook, courtesy of a sponsored post. The app enables anyone to be a designer, according to the website, providing a simple to use, friendly user interface so you can quickly create a beautiful map/poster of any place in the World. Simple search by place name, add some custom text, a tagline and set the poster dimensions. Once complete you can save for later, share on facebook for a discount, or hit buy (credit card or PayPal).

mapiful map posters

Code with GISonline.me

This awesome, new coding resource from the brains at GISonline.me  lets you save code to ArcGIS Online as an item. Quickly edit code, see your changes, and then save your code directly to ArcGIS Online as an item to come back to later. You can even share the item representing your code with other ArcGIS Online users in your organization or anywhere in the world. Truly a cloud code editor geared toward a geospatial professional – keep an eye on this resource as it evolves!

code with gisonline.me

ESRIUC Call for Papers

IT really is hard to believe that it’s time to start thinking about UC already… weren’t we just in San Diego not too long ago?? But yes indeed, Esri has put out the call for those interested in presenting at the 2017 International ESRIUC. this is your opportunity to tell your story via a paper presentation, lightning talk, or other live demonstration in front of your peers. Presenting at ESRIUC is a great way to validate a trip to the event to your boss as well as your opportunity to share your passions and experiences with Geo professionals from around the World. Pick from some 60 paper topics and be sure to get your pitch in by October 28 – good luck! Note, 2017 ESRIUC takes place July 10-14, 2017 in San Diego, CA.


 JavaScript Interview Questions

Here’s an interesting, free resource that would make Andy Gup of Esri happy (Andy is Esri’s resident Javascript ninja! see @gup). The job market is really hot for developers these days with plenty of opportunities out there. this resource is designed to help you in your next job interview by providing a sampling of 60 questions and answers that could come up in your interview. From the resource… This is a summary of some of the most important questions concerning JavaScript, that you may be asked to answer in an interview or in an interview test procedure!


 Video – What is Sea Level?

A fun video from Minute Physics delves into the topic of sea level and provides a detailed, scientific explanation of calculating sea level with accuracy. the video uses a fun, hand drawn method to visualize all the concepts, with particular attention paid to the spheroid. Fun and educational! Minute Physics provides an energetic and entertaining view of old and new problems in physics — all in a minute! Find them on Twitter @minutephysics


We hope you found something of interest here. If you have a cool GIS, GeTech, Geo EDU, UAV or other story/tip of interest, please share with us via email (hit the Contact Us link to the right) or drop us a tweet @GEOjobeGIS

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