Admin Tools Update 1.6

What’s new in 1.6?

Admin Tools 1.6 is bringing in a lot of new features, improvements, and bug fixes to make using Admin Tools more powerful and more convenient to use than ever. New features include a new tool for adding layers to maps in bulk, a built-in text editor allowing you to view and edit your item data directly in Admin Tools, and a High Volume Mode to cache your items, users and groups for filtering larger organizations. Admin Tools 1.6 also provides a number of improvements for existing features of Admin Tools, including cloning improvements, new search filters for users and a new login dropdown prepopulated with your licensed ArcGIS Enterprise portal URLs.

New features

Admin Tools new “View / Edit Item Data” Tool.

View / Edit Item Data

A favorite feature being added to all versions of Admin Tools 1.6 is the “View / Edit Item Data” tool. Using this tool, you can directly view, edit, and update both your item’s info (things like the item’s name, tags, and description) and item data (things like a map’s layers and spatial reference) directly in the tool. The “View / Edit Item Data” tool is useful not only for the ability to edit your items data without ever leaving Admin Tools, but also for combing through a broken item’s data to see just what is wrong with it. Also provided are buttons to copy the text to clipboard or download to JSON for backup.

Consider turning on “High Volume Mode” if you’re administrating a larger Organization.

High Volume Mode

High Volume Mode is another neat new feature coming to 1.6. When High Volume Mode is activated, Admin Tools will query all of your Organizations items, users, and groups once at the start. Afterward, it will filter that data in your browser instead of needing to make a new REST call every time. This significantly shortens the amount of time you will spend waiting while trying to figure out the perfect filter to find the items, users, or groups you want to see.

Add Layers to Maps

Our new Add Layers to Maps tool does just what it says, letting you choose any number of Feature, Map, or Image Services to add to any number of maps. Want to add that fancy new feature layer to every single map in your organization? Now, with just a few clicks, you can do just that.


Login Dropdown now pre-populated with your ArcGIS Enterprise portal URLs

Prepopulated Login Dropdown

Our new Login Dropdown is going to come in handy if you, like me, don’t like having to type in your entire portal URL every time your browser decides to clear up its cache. Now, if you have Admin Tools for Portal, your login box will come with its dropdown prepopulated with every ArcGIS Enterprise portal URL you have in your Admin Tools build to choose from.

Our new User Filters and User Table column.

New User Filters

We’ve added two new user filters to Admin Tools in the 1.6 update. The first filters by User Type, allowing you to choose between the Basic, Creator, Editor, Field Worker, Insight Analyst, Lite, Standard, and Viewer types. The second filters by User Level, Letting you choose between Level 1 and Level 2 users.

Other Improvements

We have made several other improvements in 1.6 as well. Cloning has been made more robust with improvements to the process of cloning WebAppBuilder Web Applications, as well as adding support for Internal domain aliases during the rewiring process. We have also added a new User Type column to the User Table, improved the functionality of the Copy Symbology Tool – now called the Copy Symbology / Popup Tool – and improved error reporting on the Export to CSV tools.

Bug fixes

We have also addressed a number of bugs in this version of Admin Tools:

  • Cloning (Pro) Fixed issue where registered service stops the process after getting item data for that are not fully qualified domain names.
  • Cloning (Pro) Fixed issue with Web Maps not rewiring correctly from a registered feature layer based on a map image layer with sublayers.
  • General Fixed issue with category navigation clicks.
  • User Filter Fixed issue with certain name strings, last logged in and group filters.
  • Group Filter Fixed issues with multiple group filters and filtering by Not Group.
  • Update User Role Fixed issue assigning folders on the transfer of item ownership when downgrading role.
  • Export Users to CSV Fixed issue where CSV hangs on export.
  • Add/Remove User Entitlements (Pro) Fixed issue when removing entitlements in bulk.
  • Copy Symbology (Pro) Copy Symbology Tool renamed Copy Symbology/Popup Tool.
  • Update Items Delete Protection Fixed issue with code attachments when removing protection from Web Applications.
  • View Item Dependencies (Pro) Fixed issue with view item dependencies with secured services.
  • Migrate Users (Pro) Fix for adding content to user folders for the Migrate Users Tool.
  • Workflows Fixed issue on some summary screen displays.

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