2019 – Another Chapter in GEO Jobe’s History

2019 was a big year for GEOJobe and the GIS community, with new products, new specialties, conferences, product updates and an anniversary. Here are some highlights from 2019 that stood out to us.

Clean My Org Release

In March of this year, we released Clean My Organization (Clean My Org). Clean My Org is an application that can run as a service on ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS Online. It has many purposes, including scanning your platform, identifying under-utilized items, users, and groups that take up space in your organization. As well, it can find resolutions for broken or unneeded content to remedy the situation. Clean My Org is for any organizations that use ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS Online that want to clean and organize their ArcGIS platform.

We’ve also had three updates; these updates are part of our dedication to providing users with the tools they need to manage their organizations. You can find the details of each update here, v1.1, v1.2, and v1.3.

Federal Small Business Specialty

Launched in 2016 by Heather Whitney, Partner Executive, the Esri Federal Small Business Specialty (FSBS) is comprised of over 70 Esri business partners. The program’s goal is to enhance its participant’s skill sets so they are better prepared to offer solutions in the Federal space. The FSBS not only provides avenues for training and growth opportunities, it also encourages partners to work together as a part of that community.

The Federal Small Business Specialty Designation gives GEO Jobe the opportunity to expand and provide consulting, implementation, and solutions offerings for the ArcGIS platform to the Federal Government user community. In addition to the Federal Small Business Specialty designation, GEO Jobe also holds 3 other designations including Release Ready, ArcGIS Online, and ArcGIS for Local Government.

Redesign of ArcGIS StoryMaps

Earlier this year, Esri released a new version of ArcGIS StoryMaps. This release changed everything that we knew about the ArcGIS StoryMaps product. The redesigned product provides you with a new gallery, a new builder experience, different templates, and different themes. Check out our article to find tips and resources to get started using the new ArcGIS StoryMaps.

Looking for ideas on where to start with your story? Check out one of my current favorites below on mapping Mount Everest by Alex Tait. You can explore more stories here, in the Esri StoryMaps Gallery.

Conferences, Conferences, Conferences!

Ah yes, conferences. There are so many to pick and choose from – regional, national, international, and even virtual. Selecting which events to attend can be a challenge, but there were some great conferences in 2019. The following are just a few of the annual events we attend that you might want to consider attending in 2020.

  • Esri Partner Conference/DevSummit: EPC is where partners can meet and collaborate with other industry architects, distributors, and Esri management. DevSummit is always a big week for us, and our awesome crew of developers really look forward to this week of learning and sunshine! Registration for DevSummit is open, you can find more info here.
  • Esri User Conference: This is the largest gathering of Esri users, solution providers, and technologists in the world. Throughout the week, there are more than a thousand hours of sessions and training! Registration for the UC is open, you can find more info here.
  • GIS in the Rockies: The Rocky Mountain West’s premier geospatial information and technology conference. The 2019 conference saw our COO, David Hansen, as a keynote speaker sharing his thoughts on Professional Adaptation to Change in Geospatial Technology. Keep an eye on the event page for 2020 registration.
  • Mississippi Geospatial Conference: This event is always a great chance to meet members of the Geo Jobe Center for Research and Engineering. Many are members of MAST, the association organizing the MGC, making this this conference a must attend for those in the region. Keep an eye on the event page for 2020 registration.
  • GeoConX: You will find no greater meeting of the minds when it comes to the electric, gas, and telecommunications GIS industries all under one roof. Keep an eye on the event page to see where it’ll be in 2020!

GEO Jobe’s 20th Anniversary

2019 marks the twentieth year of operations for GEO Jobe. Twenty years is a long time in this business. Check out this article written by David Hansen, our COO, reflecting what the past 20 years of GEO Jobe.

Technology continues to trend upwards in capabilities. Esri is moving from the board rooms, field workers, and office setting as a best kept secret in competitive advantage and insight to instead openly running commercials on national television. In the next 20 years Esri’s Science of Where will be a way of life for decision makers in an even more apparent way and GEO Jobe will be right there growing, adapting, and prospering. What does the future hold? Growth for GEO Jobe and the geospatial industry. The GEO Jobe journey went from a local perspective in 1999 to a global perspective in the 2010’s.

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From our GEOPowered Cloud to custom solutions, GEO Jobe is committed to showing clients how geospatial thinking can guide them to save time, money, and make better business decisions. The power of GIS, Simplified!