ArcGIS Online gets Updates for Vector Maps, Configurable Apps, Collector, Story Maps and more

Something of interest is buzzing around this week on the #Esri #arcgis and #geogeek hashtags… details of the latest update of features and enhancements for ArcGIS Online. According to Esri (see ArcGIS blog) this is a minor release but also includes updates, beta releases, further open standards adoption and more.

Story Maps get a big update with a new Shortlist builder (Beta) - add places individually or import them in bulk (Image Credit: Esri)
Story Maps get a big update with a new Shortlist builder (Beta) – add places individually or import them in bulk (Image Credit: Esri)

Some of the latest enhancements include:

  • Enhancements to filters, the styling layer and labels within the Map Viewer
  • Geo Tour is a new configurable app that lets you guide the viewer on a tour of location
  • Open Standards – Additional OGC options are now available within the map viewer for appending custom parameters to WMS, WMTS, and WFS requests
  • Esri web apps and related sites enabled through your organization now accessed via the Apps Button (see site header)
  • Crowdsource Manager now supports adding related records and videos.
  • Story Map Shortlist is a popular story map app, allowing you to present places of interest organized into a set of easy-to-use tabs (features an interactive builder)
  • Story Map Crowdsource (beta) lets contributors more easily specify a location
  • In the Story Map Shortlist builder you can add places individually or import them in bulk.
  • The new, Collector 10.4 adds support for high-accuracy GPS receivers – this is in addition to a number of updates to apps for the field and data collection.
  • WebApp Builder and Templates now support integrated mesh scene layers
  • Beta versions of Esri vector basemaps have been updated for several areas
  • Administrators can now manage licenses for Esri Business Analyst web, Esri Community Analyst, and GeoPlanner for ArcGIS – note, Administrators are also encouraged to install the free Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online and consider the Admin Tools Pro app (top app in the ArcGIS marketplace) for access to enhanced ArcGIS Admin capabilities
  • and many more updates & enhancements!

Source: Esri

Esri has documented a number of enhancements via the What’s New Document and details are also available on the official ArcGISs blog.

See Also, what’s new in Story Maps from the story Map team blog.

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