Awesome Story Maps – CrowdSourced Celebrity Watch Map from Superbowl

The possibilities of uses for the awesome Story Map technology seem endless! Case in point, this past week the Houston Chronicle (@HoustonChron) published a “Super Bowl Celebrity watch” map. The map encouraged people who had a celebrity sighting in Houston during Super Bowl week festivities to share a photo on the map – very clever!

No surprise that many celebs were spotted around Houston. For example, photos were shared that caught such names as Peyton Manning, Martha Stewart, Shaq, Tim Tebow, Donny Whalberg and many others. What a great use of the Story Map app!

You can jump directly to the Celebrity Watch map HERE

Oh, and for those of you in Boston planning on attending the Pats Victory parade, there’s a Story Map for that as well!

About the crowd Sourced Story Map App

The Story Map Crowdsource app is simple to set up and can be used to gather contributions from anyone on almost any subject, and present them in an attractive, engaging way. The Story Map Crowdsource℠ app enables you to publish and manage a crowdsourced story to which anyone can contribute photos with captions. Use it to engage a specific or general audience on the subject of your choice. To contribute to your story people can sign in with their Facebook, Google, or ArcGIS account, or use a guest option. A vetting function lets you review and approve contributions. Note, You need to use an ArcGIS subscription account with publishing privileges in order to create a Crowdsource story (See more)

To learn more about Story Maps See this fabulous resource. To learn about the Crowd Sourced Story Map template app see HERE.

Have you created a crowd-sourced map? Please to dell us about it, you can message us on Twitter 24/7 @geojobegis or comment here.







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