Backup My Org 1.3 is Now Available

At GEO Jobe, we pride ourselves on continuously developing and improving our products to better meet the needs of our users. To that end, we have a new update for Backup My Org; version is now available. To find out what this new update includes, read on!

Key Highlights

Stored Credentials

Users now have the option to store credentials when adding an identity in Backup My Org. This will only work with identities that use OAuth2 for authentication (not SAML). The credentials are stored as encrypting strings in your instance of BMO for security. This option will offer a number of benefits.

When an identity uses OAuth2, the ArcGIS Organization checks on the back end to make sure an authorized user is the one performing operations. These tokens do occasionally expire. When an identity is stored with credentials, BMO can automatically refresh that token before it expires. This will prevent errors caused by tokens expiring in the middle of an operation (such as when a scheduled backup occurs over the weekend).

Here is an example of the new, optional fields for storing credentials when adding a new identity.

Highlighted Interactivity on Visualizer Screen

Some of our users do not realize they can interact with the visualizer screen to select / deselect content for backups. In this update, we’ve added a tally to help users recognize they can click on the rectangles to help determine the content selected for backup.

The content selected for backup is tallied and displayed next to the Estimated Backup Size.

Backup Names on Visualization Screen

Users now have the option to edit the name of a backup before starting the process. This is a feature that has been requested by our users, and we are happy to include it in this update.

The editing field for the backup name is during the content selection screen.

Enable / Disable on Visualization Screen

The content selection screen now also gives users the option to bulk select or de-select content to backup based on whether it is an item, user, or group. We hope this enhancement will make operation of Backup My Org even simpler for our customers.

Users can now select and deselect elements in bulk when determining what to backup.

More New Features and Updates


  • Backing up some large Feature Services can fail during a FGDB export. This update will allow users to backup a feature service from a replica, in the event the original service fails.
  • Another potential backup option for Feature Services includes service definitions.
  • Backing up Scene Services has been improved.


  • Users now have the option to restore a Feature Service from a Service Definition
  • Users can now apply saved mapping options during the restore process.
  • Improvements have been made to restoring Scene Services.
  • Users now have the option to tag all restored items with specific tags as part of the process.
  • Users can now update Registered Services urls during postprocessing.
  • Postprocessing now includes a global find/replace for remapping URLs.


  • When users are selecting multiple filters, they now have the option to determine whether the filters will filter for content that satisfies ALL of the filter criteria or ANY of them.
  • The filter for ‘Users’ now has an option for filtering based on whether or not the user is a member of a specific group.
  • Selection filters now have the option to filter by ‘contains’.
  • Users can now bulk select / deselect content during on the visualization screen.
  • We have added edit-in-place functionality for quick filters.
  • The quick filter options now appear in alphabetical order.


  • Managed Identities now has an option to save the credentials for an identity that uses OAuth2 authentication. This will prevent errors caused by tokens expiring in the middle of an operation.
    Note: This will not work for identities that use SAML
  • Users can elect to receive an email when tokens expire for any of their registered identities.
  • When performing a backup, if the number of items, users, and groups being backed up is more than 1000, the visual preview will be disabled. Instead, the preview will switch to only using verbal view. This prevents browsers from crashing due to the amount resources used for the visualizer.
  • Users can now set the server log level in the options menu.
  • Users can now specify e-mail recipients for scheduled scans.
  • Users can now edit a backup’s name during the preprocessing step just before confirmation.
  • BMO now verifies a user is a full admin in an ArcGIS Organization before saving their identity.
  • There is now a confirmation when saving settings during postprocessing.
  • A call-to-action to help users understand how they can interact with the visualizer on backups/restores was added.
  • Users can now export a set of logs that are commonly used when working with support.
  • The server config options now support custom fetch headers.


  • The server has improved cleaning process on things that expire.
  • Cancel functionality for backups that have not been completed has been improved.
  • The operations for e-mailing the results of On-Demand Backups has been shifted to work serve-side, rather than client side.
  • Backup My Org will now periodically check identities for invalid tokens and issue warning or error messages, as appropriate.
  • We have added support for custom headers.

Bug Fixes

  • When an Item is related to itself, it no longer causes the visualizer to crash.
  • Backups no longer get stuck in the ‘Retry in Progress’ state.
  • BMO now has error handling for when write-file permissions are missing.
  • Reporting for errors with exceptions has been improved.
  • BMO no longer allows a backup with only errored items to proceed past the pre-processing screen.
  • When specifying the save location for an identity, BMO now checks directory access permissions.
  • If there was an issue when caching an organization’s content, an error or warning message (as appropriate) is displayed to let the user know.
  • Fixed bug where the update group owner process would fail if the old and new owner were the same user.
  • Fixed restoration failure when a group is set to ‘Create New’ during the restore process.
  • Fixed error reporting issues for unzip failures.
  • When looking up an item by ItemID in ArcGIS Online, BMO now checks to see if the item is in the appropriate organization.
  • Fix issues when restoring map services / tile packages.
  • Errored items no longer prompt for options during the restore process.
  • Added check to make sure a relationship cannot be added to itself.
  • When restoring Users or Groups, the displayed text no longer shows “Following users were not found” when there were no issues.
  • Fixed bug where double-clicking doesn’t allow you to view an advanced restore / select backup if the process isn’t complete.
  • Fix for EISDIR illegal operation on a directory
  • Fix where save confirmation popup was only displaying for some mappings
  • Skip ignored items from previous step for uneditable item configuration
  • Fix for zip failures on scheduled scan
  • Fixes for error status on scheduled backups
  • Fixed bug where certain settings were not being updated when moving to previous steps during the Scheduled Scan settings.
  • Delete Scan prompt properly references scan instead of asking to delete ‘undefined’
  • Scheduled Scan confirmation page no longer states it will backup 0 items, users, and groups.
  • Icons are now stored locally within the application instead of relying on outside calls.

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