Clean My Org Version 1.1 is Out!

Last month we launched our latest product, Clean My Org. By allowing Administrators to scan their Organization for broken items, empty groups, or inactive users, Clean My Org makes maintaining an ArcGIS Organization simpler than ever before. Since launch, the development team dedicated to expanding Clean My Org based on our users’ feedback has been hard at work implementing some of the most in-demand requests. While it’s only been a month since release, version 1.1 is ready to go!

CleanMyOrg is an exciting new product and I’m thrilled to get it into the hands of ArcGIS administrators everywhere. We have a number of new scans and features slated for the upcoming versions of CleanMyOrg. I look forward to hearing feedback from the community in order to make CleanMyOrg the most useful product it can be to help ArcGIS administrators clean up their ArcGIS Organizations.

Steven McCall, Director of Products

What’s New?

Clean My Org 1.1 includes a number of new scans to help ArcGIS Administrators be more aware of what’s in their Organization. This version of Clean My Org adds the ability to scan for:

  • Items with <% Score Completeness
  • Items Created Within the Last # Days
  • Items not assigned to any category
  • Shared Web Maps with non-shared layers
  • Users that are not members of any group
  • Users that have no content
  • Items with blank portal item description fields

Furthermore, Clean My Org version 1.1 introduces some new functionality. The ability to whitelist scan results in bulk will save some time when resolving the results of your scans. Additionally, Clean My Org users will be able to export scan results to a CSV for analysis or storage outside of the application.

Finally, the latest version of Clean My Org introduces our Patch Notes section under the help menu. This section will contain notes about what scans and other features are updated with each new version of Clean My Org.

Let us know what you think of Clean My Org 1.1 on Twitter or contact us directly.

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