Clean My Org: Why It’s Our Next “Must-Have” App for ArcGIS

Clean My Organization is now available! This is a big deal for all ArcGIS Administrators out there. Read on, and you’ll know exactly why.

As the Head of Support, it is my distinct privilege to be the advocate for the customer. At GEO Jobe GIS Consulting, we have worked with many customers, we have provided solutions, and most importantly, we have listened; not just about what our products are doing, but why these various products are being employed to achieve our users’ goals. Over the years, our users across more than 6,000 organizations globally have come to depend on our various products, such as Admin Tools, to accomplish so much.  During this time, we have encountered very specific workflows or objectives from our users that weren’t elegantly fitting the functionality and scope our current products were designed for and intended to serve. With those objectives in mind, we recognized a real opportunity to grow our family of products.

Enter: Clean My Organization

I’m leaning heavily on my position and perspective as the customer advocate because I want to make the following bold statement: “Our new product, Clean My Organization will be just as essential as Admin Tools.”

This comes from a level of confidence that can only be achieved because I know the capabilities of this new product, and I also know from first-hand experience the solutions that our customers are looking for when it comes to the state of their ArcGIS organization.

Franky, I’m excited about it. And every ArcGIS Administrator who wants enhanced insight over their platform should be, as well! Please allow me to justify this excitement:

What Exactly is Clean My Org?

Clean My Organization is an application which will work as both an on-demand and scheduled scanner for your ArcGIS Online or Portal platform. If you’ve ever used a virus or malware scanning software, this will be a familiar experience. However, instead of scanning for things that put your computer at risk, you’ll be scanning for content that bloats, clutters, or causes issues amongst your items, users, and groups. Options to scan include:

  • Inactive users or items
  • Items that are missing references or have broken references
  • Services not used by any Web Maps and Web Maps not used by any Apps
  • Layers and services containing sensitive information
  • Groups with identical members and/or items
  • and so much more!

After your organization is scanned, an itemized log will be generated that informs you of exactly what’s wrong and provides options to fix those issues, including the ability to whitelist certain known exceptions. Additionally, there will be a built-in email interface that not only can send a report of the scan results, but will also provide the user with an immediate way to reach out to any relevant content owners, should this communication be necessary before taking an action.
In short, Clean My Org provides the solution to a workflow that is absolutely essential to the health of an ArcGIS organization, but would be too impractical, time-consuming, and complex to be performed manually, especially as content and users grow in volume.

Who is Clean My Org For?

Clean My Org is for ANY ArcGIS Administrator who:

  • Needs to diagnose and fix problematic content breaking web maps and apps
  • Needs to prepare an ArcGIS Online Org or Portal before a major overhaul or migration of content
  • Is concerned about sensitive/secure information throughout their items and users
  • Wants to ensure their platform’s users and content are active and frequently accessed
  • Wants to efficiently manage their resources (storage space in ArcGIS Online)
  • Generally wants to ensure their platform and all its content stays clean, clutter-free, and accounted for

How can I get more info on Clean My Organization, including how to purchase it?

Visit our GEO Jobe GIS Consulting webpage for additional info, email us at, call us at 1.844.GEOJOBE, or simply visit the Marketplace
So there you have it! Clean My Organization is addressing a real need that exists across many ArcGIS organizations, and doing so in a very thoughtful, user-friendly way! I know this new product will be checking a ton boxes on the wish-list of all the ArcGIS Administrators, out there. We look forward to continuing to provide our customers with products and services that once again demonstrate our philosophy of “THE POWER OF GIS, SIMPLIFIED.”

Head of Customer Support