Create Your Own Time-Lapse Animations in ArcGIS Online with #MapLapse

Imagery is awesome, there’s no doubting that, however, when you can view images of the same location over time you really see the picture clearly, particularly if the task at hand dictates that you identify changes in land use or identifying urban development and sprawl. This is easily accomplished now in ArcGIS Online using the free (and Pro) MapLapse application, a joint effort from Esri small business startup company, GeoMarvel, and our crew here at GEO Jobe.

MapLapse hit the ArcGIS Marketplace about a month a go and has since then grown rapidly and been adopted by many users, quickly rising in popularity in the “New” and “Popular” categories of the marketplace. Currently accessing a wealth of Landsat imagery (much more imagery is planned for the future) MapLapse features several color band combinations to choose from to view awesome Time Lapse images, including, False Color, Land Water, Agriculture, and healthy vegetation analysis.

MapLapse lake Meade, Nevada
MapLapse lake Meade, Nevada reveals change in lake depth over the years
Washington D.C MapLapse
Washington D.C MapLapse
maplapse colorado
Still images can also be saved and shared, like this healthy vegetation scene over Fort Collins, Colorado, 1990

MapLapse, can be used by many industries, for example but not limited to, urban planning and development, resource management, office of zoning, agricultural production, land cover, land use and change, ecology, restoration, local governments, education and research institutions.

About the application – MapLapse is an online based earth image explorer which allows you to look at geographical locations via a map. MapLaps has multiple search capabilities and works seamlessly with ArcGIS Online. The app allows the user to generate time series downloadable images, generate animations, save or share via social media. MapLapse provides a quick look through time series imagery for you.

The professional version of MapLapse has enhanced capabilities and functionality including the ability to: save, generate GIFs, restore images, add additional data products and more. MapLapse Pro  is available in the ArcGIS Marketplace for just $8 per month or $96 annually. You can read more about the technical aspects of the application via this blog post from the developers at GeoMarvel – MapLapse & Amazon Mico Services.

Have you used MapLapse to create and save a Time Lapse image of a cool place? If so, be sure to share your GIF via Twitter and hashtag it #MapLapse – we’d love to see what you find!

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