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Great news for you Open Data enthusiasts and those of you who need access to data from the DOI for your projects and for personal efforts. Now you can access more open data via a newly launched public portal from the Bureau of Reclamation. Additionally, you’ll be able to access maps, apps, reports and more while managing your resources here via ArcGIS account login to the portal.

Explore All Reclamation Geospatial OpenData
Explore All Reclamation Geospatial OpenData

Using the portal is a simple and enjoyable experience. For a better experience, users are encouraged to login via an ArcGIS Online account – this will enable you to download and favorite data directly through your ArcGIS Online account. At first glance the user is encouraged to explore all geospatial data or navigate to a featured reclamation web application (water reports, SMART water program and more).

When exploring the open data products users will find a number of data categories including: climate change products, reclamation, and river basin data.

find data

Access and download data:

You can find data within an Open Data site by typing text into a search box or by searching the map. Both methods allow you to refine your results to help find the exact data you are looking for.

A way to refine the search results is to use the sort by option above the results list. This option allows you to sort by relevance, name, most recent datasets

The left hand side of the search results page shows a list of facets to filter the data: tags, source, and content type. Select options from each of these facets to filter the data down to your desired selection

Once you’ve done an initial search and found a dataset you like, you can find similar datasets. There are two ways to do this: through related data or with tags

Some datasets might have a connected content section next to the related datasets. The content featured here are web maps that use the datasets. Clicking on these items will open the web map in a new tab

The following data types are supported in ArcGIS Open Data:

  • Web maps—The web map will open in an ArcGIS Online Map Viewer in a new tab
  • URLs—The registered URL will open in a new tab
  • Documents—Word and PowerPoint documents will download in the browser
  • PDFs—The PDF will open in a new tab
  • Note: Services must be registered to ArcGIS Online to be added to Open Data

Visit the Reclamation Geospatial Open Data portal

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