The Esri Brand and the Science of Where

Matt Sheehan of WebMapSolutions discuses how GIS professionals have been stove-piped over the years as “The Map guy”. You’ve no doubt heard this or encountered this before.  Some great point here from Matt as he notes how GIS professionals are so much more than simple map makers or mappers. Matt offers kudos to Jack Dangermond and his focus on the “Where” and the newly focused Esri brand “The Science of Where”, which no doubt, we will hear much more about in the near future, like at DevSummit and ESRIUC we suspect.

Matt views this as a movement away from the map notion and more of a focus on answering Where? Thanks to Matt Sheehan (@webmapsolutions), aka. The WhereMan, for sharing!

Everything in business happens somewhere: offices, staff, customers, supply chain on and on. And yet the where is somehow ignored. Let me re-phrase that .. the where HAS been ignored. That is changing. Call it what you will location strategy, location intelligence, location analytics, but the importance of the WHERE is being realised. (Credit:

You can read more about this on the WebMapSolutions blog

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