Esri’s larger Disaster Response Program Supports Efforts in Louisiana

An interesting update came out of Redlands this week regarding the efforts to support the terrible flooding that has tragically hit the state of Louisiana this summer. Our contacts inform us that Esri ( technology has been in full force in Louisiana, including the search and rescues and now the cleanup and disaster recovery efforts. Esri’s ArcGis Online provided, and is still providing a way to collect, monitor, and report all field activities to be sure all departments are on the same page using real time imagery, data and easy to use apps.

Supporting Responding Agencies

Esri’s larger Disaster Response Program provides software support, data support, and consulting/technical support for active disasters.  This is available to any agency supporting a disaster, regardless of whether or not they are an Esri customer.  Currently, the Esri Disaster Response Program is supporting the efforts to respond to the flooding in Louisiana as well as the wildfires in California, but these tools are called into action on countless disaster situations and are available at any time.

Of particular interest, Esri has a resource that is being updated continuously:  On this page, users will find a Public Information Map (updated continuously with multiple data streams such as social media and weather reports), a Flooding Story Map, and Local Impact Map.

The fact is:  in an emergency situation, location is a key component in response efforts – from maps showing affected areas to first responders; to where relief supplies are located; to evacuation routes and impending weather…

We’re sad to see such a terrible tragedy once again in the South and will gladly offer any technical assistance, software, or support for any customers, clients, friends, or those in need of help in our areas of expertise. Kudos to everyone involved in the response efforts and best wishes to all those being affected by the floods.

Note: a recent article in ComputerWorld revealed how Esri is supporting disaster relief by donating free software to responding agencies.

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