GEO Edu tip – Online Mapping and GIS Dev Classes at University of Kentucky

We love sharing educational resources and anything else that helps students and professionals alike to advance their skills and knowledge to be applied to cool GeoTech. A shout-out here to our friends at the University of Kentucky who are promoting some fine GIS and GeoTech EDU offerings this fall – also great to see U of K taking advantage of our highly targeted in-App advertising of their programs with our Admin Tools (Free) for ArcGIS Online. Indeed a great way to get their message out to GIS professionals who might be seeking some professional development

U of KentuckyThe University of Kentucky online programs as seen inside Admin Tools

The GIS program, in particular the New Maps Plus Program at U of K is primarily focused on web mapping along with a special focus on open source tools – javascript programming/Leaflet, UI/UX, D3. Note, the new Map Plus courses are designed around a 10-week semester, rather than the traditional 16-week semester, and will be of interest to those GIS professionals who are interested in expanding their skill set.

Not only is the U of Kentucky a great educational resource for GIS professionals looking to get a leg up on jump-starting a career, the University is also a perfect user community to take advantage of Admin Tools (Pro) to help manage their ArcGIS Admin needs for students and faculties using their GIS facilities.

Looking for another fine option for online learning in GIS and post-grad Geotech Ed? Check out the programs at U Kentucky starting this fall – see more info HERE

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