GEO Jobe and Connected Nation – Connecting Through the Power of GIS

Connected Nation is a national nonprofit organization that develops and implements strategies to close digital equity gaps and improve digital skills in communities across the United States. They assess and plan for the expansion of broadband access, adoption, and use in both rural and urban settings. Their work includes improving broadband data collection and mapping to effectively steer infrastructure investments, conducting technology assessments in schools, developing technology action plans for communities to help them attain digital equity, and implementing digital literacy training and job placement programs.

Connected Nation first became familiar with GEO Jobe through attendance at GIS industry conferences. They were aware of the various services GEO Jobe offered through exhibit halls, collateral, and presentations by partners and clients. When searching for assistance on their system upgrade, they knew GEO Jobe would be a strong choice for providing those solutions.

Connected Nation was working to migrate data and services to a fully federated ArcGIS Enterprise deployment in AWS. They sought guidance on best practices for installing and configuring ArcGIS Enterprise in AWS to ensure efficiency, stability, and security. A secondary, but related, need was the development of a custom web application widget to be launched in the new AWS environment that also ensured the security needed, based on data parameters, was available for the tool.

What appealed to Connected Nation about GEO Jobe’s services was their experience and expertise in assisting other organizations with the exact solution they needed to implement their Enterprise deployment. It was clear throughout that the solution was routine and effective, with a known cost to implement.

While the ArcGIS Enterprise deployment was more of a “behind the scenes” implementation, the result was essential in being able to develop new interactive maps and web applications that offer more functionality to clients and users than the previous versions.

“We have been most impressed with the expertise and workflow of the GEO Jobe team from initial discussions to proposals to project executions. All aspects were thoughtful and with our needs and our clients’ needs in mind. Communications were on point regarding expectations, potential challenges, and timelines. When a significant technical issue arose on our [Connected Nation’s] side, GEO Jobe took it in stride and assisted immediately with solutions to alleviate the challenge and we are so incredibly appreciative!” – Ashley Hitt, Vice President, GIS Services.

GEO Jobe services were essential to implementing the solutions for the ArcGIS Enterprise deployment and the development of the new custom tool. Connected Nation’s Enterprise deployment is faster, more efficient, and offers users more options than the previous configuration. The newly developed custom widget has also offered additional flexibility and customization in web applications, as needed for client projects.

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