GEO Jobe at the 2020 Mississippi Geospatial Conference

The time has come again for the Mississippi Geospatial Conference. Every October, the Mississippi Association of Spatial Technologies organizes this conference so that geospatial professionals, students, and interested parties from across Mississippi and the surrounding areas can gather together to discuss their work, what’s new in the field, and what’s coming next. This year will be a little different, but the spirit is the same. Read on to learn more about the MGC and how GEO Jobe will be involved.

Eric Goforth, Brice Jones, and Danny Menikheim are standing in front of the GEO Jobe booth that the Mississippi Geospatial Conference. Flyers for various products and services are laid out in front of them.
From Left to Right: Eric Goforth, Brice Jones, and Danny Menikheim at the 2019 Mississippi Geospatial Conference

Conference Details

The Mississippi Geospatial Conference will take place on October 15th and 16th, 2020. This year, the conference will be hosted entirely online. Presentations will be made through virtual meeting sessions, and attendees will be able to ask presenters questions using the chat functionality. You can attend from anywhere with an internet connection!

There are three registration options for the conference:

New Attendees: Registration for new attendees will be $35. This will include attendance to the 2020 Mississippi Geospatial Conference, membership for the Mississippi Association of Spatial Technologists through October 2021, and voting rights for the MAST elections.

Returning Attendees: To lessen the disappointment of not getting to meet everyone in person, all attendees of the 2019 Mississippi Geospatial Conference will have their conference registration waived and their MAST membership extended for another year. They will still need to register for the conference to receive an invitation to the virtual sessions.

Students: Sponsors for the Mississippi Geospatial Conference often donate registrations to students. For additional information on this option, please contact Dr. David Holt

Eric Goforth stands at a podium on a stage. He is leaning forward and using a laser pointer to direct the audience's attention to a specific section of on a presentation that is being projected on a large banner next to him. The presentation currently shows four columns outlining the content of the presentation.
Eric Goforth presenting at the 2019 MGC.

GEO Jobe

GEO Jobe’s Center for Research and Engineering is located near the traditional location for the Mississippi Geospatial Conference. We are very glad to participate in the conference regularly. This year, GEO Jobe will have three presentations.

Eric Goforth, our Director of Professional Services, will be discussing GeoAI and You: The Future of GIS, Today. One of our Application Developers, Dylan Drake, will give a talk on Get Up and Running Developing iOS Apps with the ArcGIS Runtime SDK. The third presentation will be by Jeff Lawrence, who primarily does UAV Business Development and is one of our UAV pilots, titled UAV – It’s About the Data.

Brice Jones stands behind a podium on a stage. Next to him is a large banner where his presentation is being displayed to the audience. The current slide shows the title of the presentation "Using the Data Drive Documents (D3) Library for Visualizing Your ArcGIS Data Relationships"
Brice Jones presenting at the Mississippi Geospatial Conference
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