GeoGeeks Rejoice on #StarWarsDay with the Star Wars Galaxy Map

Here we are again, May 4th, the one day of the year where Star Wars buffs and would-be geeks, sci-fi nuts and others go gangbusters sharing and spreading the love and the force! In typical Geo fashion, we share our best wishes for the force (err the fourth) to be with you via this pretty awesome Star Wars Galaxy Map from Esri, designed and built with City Engine – pretty darned awesome indeed!

 star wars galaxy mapJump to the live webmap here (some load time required)

Use this amazing map to browse the Star Wars Galaxy. Pan around the solar system viewing the various planets, stars and sector grids, including a detailed look at the death Star. Using the webmap you can pan around the planets and visit far off galaxies. You can even play with the sunlight slider to adjust the shadows and sunlight. Pretty darned fun indeed!  Tour the Star Wars Galaxy by visiting the planets and moons of note that were mentioned or seen in the movies.

Visit the Star Wars Galaxy Map HERE and May the Fourth be With you today!

For more geeky fun, be sure to search Twitter on #starWarsDay and #maythefourthbewithyou

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