Mentoring Strategies and Suggestions for Success as a GeoMentor

A Geomentor can be anyone who recognises the significance of GIS and has an interest in helping young people. Dr. Joseph Kerski of Esri is the ultimate GeoMentor! Joseph is constantly assisting the community, sharing tips, tricks, lessons and evangelizing GIS, Geographic learning and the Science of Where. Most noteworthy though is Joseph’s involment with the education community and his passion for Geo Mentoring. Recently, Joseph has shared a fine video that encourages others to get involved and consider being a role model and Geo Mentor for others. 

Become a GEOMentor - Image credit: Joseph Kerski
Become a GEOMentor – Image credit: Joseph Kerski @josephkerski

In this inspirational video, Geomentoring for GeoLiteracy,  from Jospeh, he shares details of several mentoring projects that he’s been involved with recently. Using these examples, Kerski shares tips and tricks that you may find beneficial as you consider mentoring others on the power of geography and geographic learning.  Examples shared include details of an urban art project in Denver, CO where students tackled a local problem and combined their passion for art and turned to GIS to help implement a solution.  He then shares a motivational story of mentoring and assisting students at CSU in Fort Collins, CO to use mapping, story maps, and data collection for a local project that is important to them. Finally, Joseph shares details of how he assists educators in using new, cutting edge tools to solve real world problems in a fun yet meaningful way.

So, where does one start in being a Geo Mentor? Kerski shared a number of tips and advice including:

Tell students they should…
– connect with an industry professional involved in an area of interest
– set the bar yourself and set it (high) above industry expectations
– pay it forward (students helping students)

Jospeph’s tips for geomentoring
– Make it engaging (don’t just show slides). Joseph creates lessons (like geocaching) stored in AGOL
– get them thinking and intrigued
– incorporate spatial analysis (see learn ArcGIS website etc…)
– Begin with simple examples (don’t blow them away at the start!)
– Use and show compelling webmapping apps
– Gather ideas and Tips via crowdsourcing

What does a Geomentor do?

A Geomentor can support a teacher or school by:

  • Mentor and supporting a teacher in the use of GIS at GCSE and A-Level
  • Asssit in the use of GIS in the Classroom
  • Create and share content for use in the classroom
  • Help run a GIS Day event
  • Present on the use of GIS in their professional field
  • Facilitating a hands-on GIS training workshops for groups of teachers

You can get started at

See also this resource in ArcGISOnline to register as a GEO Mentor

For more helpful tips and hints, connect with Joseph on LinkedIn –


Valuable mentoring resources:

Here at GEO Jobe, students and the academic user community at large is very important to us. We support many users in K-12 and higher learning as schools (K-12), Colleges and Universities around the World are avid users of Admin Tools and Mapfolio, while a number of our staff are also involved with educational groups, institutions, and organizations in many capacities (think YPN and ConnectEd). Indeed it is always great to see how students and new users are leveraging geography and geographic technology in their lives.

We are always inspired by stories of youth and those working with youth and how they are using geography, geographic knowledge, and geographic tools in their educational careers and daily lives. We encourage students and EDU programs to adopts our free tools and to explore the Esri EdCommunity and resources available to them including ConnectEd (free online mapping tools and activities for schools).


Are you a student or teacher using our admin Tools or Mapfolio to make your life easier? We’d love to hear from you about what you’re working on.

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