Getting Your GIS Off the Ground: GEOPowered Cloud for Airports

The adoption of GIS technologies at airports has been rapidly increasing over the last few years as airports look to take advantage of the advancements made available with connected devices and Web GIS.  As GIS technologies have evolved, it is more important than ever to work with an established Esri Business Partner to effectively deploy a solution that will serve your entire organization.

To help airports better manage their operations using the power of GIS technologies, GEO Jobe is excited to announce a new solution package tailored specifically for airports with fewer than 12 gates and general aviation airports.  We’re calling this package the GEOPowered Cloud for Airports, and with it, GEO Jobe will be providing a complete managed solution for airports that will allow them to take advantage of the latest technologies from Esri while remaining affordable by using a subscription-based plan for access. GIS can enable new workflows at an airport, enable field data collection and work order management, and simplify data sharing so all airport staff see a common operating picture when accessing data.

What’s Included?

The GEOPowered Cloud for Airports package includes key services such as:

  • Flexible user types for field and office users.
  • Data migration services that will be used to convert existing CAD and GIS data into an industry-standard data model.
  • A set of standard web applications to view a variety of airport data, including applications for general airport information, airfield & lighting, noise mitigation, utilities, and more.
  • Ongoing and on-call GIS service and support from GEO Jobe’s team of Solution Engineers. 
Noise Mitigation Application Example

The Challenges

With this solution package, many common hurdles to GIS adoption at an airport are reduced or eliminated. For example, in working with airports from across the county Esri has identified two key areas that often affect GIS adoption at an airport: data maintenance (the ability to quickly incorporate changes to datasets) and the ability to have easy-to-use applications and interfaces.  Both of these challenges are addressed in the GEOPowered Cloud for Airports package.

Getting Ready for Takeoff

First, GEO Jobe will work with you to perform an initial migration of your data into an industry-standard data model, which will be used to build the applications that are used every day. From that point forward, GEO Jobe will continue to provide services to incorporate changes into datasets as new information is received.

Once the initial data migration has been completed, GEO Jobe will configure targeted, easy to use applications that will be accessed through web browsers and on mobile devices. These applications will provide easy, intuitive interfaces and will allow users to access data at any time. As well, they will allow users to access information stored in the GIS system about airport features, utilities, land and lease management, airspace, and other airport-related information.

Noise Mitigation Application Example

The GEOPowered Cloud

All of these features are powered by GEO Jobe’s GEOPowered Cloud, which will provide around-the-clock access to high priority data, maps, and applications for your users. This allows GEO Jobe to focus on providing a reliable technology stack, while you focus on leveraging the technology for your daily tasks. All of these capabilities are brought to you in solution packages that start at $24,000.00 in the first year.

We would love to hear from you to discuss the benefits of the GEOPowered Cloud for Airports solution package and the benefits that GIS can bring to your airport. For more information, contact our team via email at

Director of Enterprise Services