Happy and Mappy #NationalCoffeeDay – Coffee Maps to Get You Jazzed

There’s nothing better than a good, hot cup to start the day, unless perhaps you pair it up with a really awesome map that is! And so, on this National Coffee Day, we wanted to share a few fun coffee themed maps to enjoy and browse while you take your well earned coffee break – enjoy!

National Geographic Major Coffee Producers

When it comes to maps, you really have to consult a good old standby, National Geographic. not only does NGS share a number of fine coffee maps but you can also get the complete history and story about coffee growing regions around the World. Of interest is their look at the Top 10 coffee growing regions around the World.

coffee map

 Manhattan, NY Coffee Heatmap

Searching for good maps definitely will lead us to ArcGIS Online and on the topic of coffee there’s a few gems. One webmap in particular to point out is a clever heat map that reveals “hot spots” in Manhattan where Starbucks locations can be found.  The heat map layer helps explain the public’s impression that “there’s one on every corner.”

starbucks coffee map new york

Moonpenny’s Coffee Company Map Journal

Here’s a fine example of how a commercial consumer operation can take advantage of the fine Esri Story Map technology. On April 1, 2015, Moonpennys Coffee Company announced its plans to open 35 new stores. Datastory Consulting created this story map to share Moonpennys data driven site selection strategy.

coffee map journal

 Vancouver, BC Coffee Houses

A summary map of the independent and chain coffee and teahouses in the City of Vancouver based upon the business license database on the City of Vancouver’s Open Data Catalogue. This map shows areas by neighborhood along with POI locations of coffee houses along with related information. This map could be built out nicely with a bit more effort but still a noble start!

Vancouver Bc coffee map

Story Map –  KBYK Coffee Projects

KBYK Coffee has done a fine job telling their story using the Esri Map Story template sharing maps, information about coffee farms, manufacturing and production facilities, plant locations, and more.

 KBYK Coffee, DRIVE, & SECC Story Map

Other suggested coffee map links and articles:






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