Hurricane Irma Emergency Response Maps and Useful, Public Information Webmaps

There’s many maps, webmaps and web resources available online to support the response to Hurricane Irma. These range for traffic maps, evacuation routes, shelter locations, wind speed and direction information and much more. The GeoTech community and many organizations are putting together these fine resources in order to inform the public and keep people safe.

Esri, Hurricane Irma Response Open Data Site – This site provides geospatial data from authoritative sources where possible that can be useful to support community response and recovery to Hurricane Irma. The data is available for download as CSV, KML, Shapefile, and accessible via web services to support application development and data visualization. Open Data – This is the community’s public platform for exploring and downloading open data, discovering and building apps, and engaging to solve important local issues.

Hillsborough County, Florida Evacuation Zone and Emergency Shelter Map – resource for residents in the Tampa, Florida area, sea level rise data and more

Pinnelas County – Information about evacuation zones – “Know your zone”

Hurricane and Cyclone public information map – This map describes the current & recent location of tropical storms, as well as forecast positions and probable track of tropical storms.

Are you ready Tamp Bay? This handy story map for Tamp area residents provides shelter locations, evacuation zones, flood warnings

Hurricane Irma Resource Catalog –  Ready to use apps from Esri

Hurricane Irma photo map – crowdsourced photos from Irma affected areas

Story Map – depiction of storm surge flooding vulnerability – These maps make it clear that storm surge is not just a beachfront problem, with the risk of storm surge extending many miles inland from the immediate coastline in some areas.

Fulcrum Community – The @fulcrumapp is crowdsourcing #HarveyRelief. If you’re in the area, you can take photos of damage, assess it, and add it to the map. No doubt the Community will expand with a map for Irma. Fulcrum Community is a no-cost, short term data collection solution for qualified humanitarian projects.

National Storm Surge Hazard Maps – Version 2 – This national depiction of storm surge flooding vulnerability helps people living in hurricane-prone coastal areas along the U.S. East and Gulf Coasts and Puerto Rico to evaluate their risk to the storm surge hazard

Florida Dept of Emergency Management – Evacuation routes and maps – These county-wide evacuation route and zone maps are based upon the most up-to-date regional evacuation studies

National Story msurge hazard maps – ArcGIS Online – This web map displays a seamless national map of near worst case storm surge flooding (inundation) scenarios

NOAA maps and forecasts, Southern Florida

Hurricane Irma maps and charts from NOAA

Have you found a useful public information map or webmap? Please do tell us about it @geojobegis

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