The MapThis! Shop – Cool Clothing and GEO Swag for Geographers! #MapThis

If you’ve followed us or some of our team members on social media, or in person, chances are that you’ve heard us talk about or mention “MapThis!” or perhaps you’ve seen us wearing a cool MapThis! T-shirt. Heck, there’s a hundred or two geogeeks running around all over the World and wearing their MapThis! swag. Well, now you can quickly, easily, and affordably get one for yourself. MapThis! is our initiative to bring awareness to everything that is powerful and awesome about maps, mapping, and geography.

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Recently, we rolled out a new shop (on a third party site) where you can browse and shop for cool and fun “Geo Swag” with our popular MapThis! slogan. You can browse the shop for T-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, hats and more. All the designs are original and are geared towards GIS professionals, mappers, geographers, and geo-geeks. We’ve got fun designs for men and women, each item available in various sizes (even tall) and several colors. We’ve tested the shop extensively and have ordered a number of products to ensure that yes indeed, the quality and service is excellent! We’ve priced items as low as we possibly can and receive no commission at all, we’ve waived it to keep prices low. Shipping is efficient and also very reasonably priced! Check it out, look back periodically as there are often sales and discount codes offered and if there’s something you don’t see, please ask us, perhaps we can add it to the shop. Currently, you can get apparel in the following styles/logos:

  • MapThis! classic Stamp
  • GEO Jobe logo
  • GEO Nerd
  • GEO Professor
  • GEO Rockstar
  • UAV Mapper

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mapthis geo swag store

Your feedback is welcomed and warmly appreciated! #MapThis

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We’ve set the prices as low as we can and we take zero commission on these so that they remain affordable for all. We’ve also created several fun, gender neutral designs and characters to appeal to anyone. If there’s a style or design etc… that you don’t see then please contact us and we can easily add something to the shop and make it available for you. Oh, and finally, when you get yourself a cool T-shirt, hoodie, hat, mug or ??? Please snap a photo/selfie and share it with the hashtag #MapThis – enjoy!

mapthis shop

The fun “geo nerd” for him or her… 

mapthis t shirt

The classic MapThis! stamp – in white or black


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