#MapThis Tips – 30+ Maps You Thought You’d Never Need

Don’t worry, there’s just one more day to go until we hit the hump! Until then, here’s a little Map inspiration and motivation to help to get you through the start of the week. Enjoy these 30 maps for a little geographic and cartographic, fun, inspiration, humor, and even a little knowledge.

super mario world map

It’s always fun to see maps and map related articles featured in the mainstream and this ween Buzzfeed has delivered a fun treat in a piece that looks at loads of maps that you thought you’d never need! The article shows off some cool works of cartographic science and weirdness to reveal some interesting findings like:

  • The World if land masses and oceans were reversed
  • The Great Lakes if they were in Europe
  • Map of every country England has invaded
  • Time zones in Antarctica
  • US population by decade
  • and a map showing everything in New York that people call 311 to complain about!
  • Our personal favorite might just be the Arctic Time Zone map although the Super Mario Brothers World Map (see above) comes a close second!

See Mapping Fun! 30+ Maps You Thought You’d Never Need

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