Monday Video – 10 Questions Answered About Esri Spatial Analysis

Got the Monday blues? Wondering about Esri spatial analysis and related matters? Perhaps a little professional development and product education is what you need to kick-start the week! Esri has been rolling out an informative series of videos called “10 Questions” where key product architects answer a series of commonly asked questions about Esri products, apps, and services. Here’s Lauren Bennett (I’m sure you’ve seen her on the main stage at ESRIUC before, and she answers some topics on Spatial Analysis – nice stuff!

Lauren responds to questions sent to the team and tweets from the user community. In this episode, we learn about the basics of spatial analysis and Esri product strategy for helping support their client’s requirements. She discusses data formats, raster analysis, space-time analytics and more.

Lauren has some great responses about spatial analysis and Esri has a number of  useful “10 Questions” videos online. Do you have questions about our Admin Tools or GeoPowered Cloud? If so, please feel free to contact us or send a tweet to @GEOjobeGIS, perhaps one day we can video answers to our own 10 questions if we get enough feedback!

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