Monday Video – Mapfolio for ArcGIS Online, for the information consumer in your org!

Here’s a favorite video from our collection that we simply had to re-share with our readers. We pushed it out a year ago, however, Mapfolio is simply so handy and useful (oh, and free) that sharing it with you once a year simply isn’t enough! Since releasing the free Mapfolio application to the ArcGIS Marketplace we’ve noticed a massive uptake in usage of by users – exactly the reason why Mapfolio was created.

With Mapfolio you can get in and get out of ArcGIS Online fast!

Your Information Just 2 Clicks Away

This video demonstrates the use of Mapfolio ArcGISâ„  Online, a tool for information consumers, like the Director of an International Airport. For example, using a shortcut from the desktop, the airport director uses Mapfolio to access only the most relevant information from ArcGIS online that he requires in his daily routine, best of all, in order to access all this information, rarely is there ever a need to click more than twice to get to the information required. Some of the handy things you can do with Mapfolio include:

  • Bring groups and favorites to the front
  • Brings in only web apps that are needed
  • Skin Mapfolio to look exactly the way you want!
  • Tag and view only the maps and apps that are needed and important to you.

Quickly engage with the platform, get in and get out!

Read more about Mapfolio or jump directly HERE in the AGO Marketplace and download it for Free. When you realize just how simple and handy it is, please shoot us a screen capture (via email to info@ or on Twitter @geojobegis) and tell us how your organization has benefited from it!

Mapfolio boasts one-click installation – Checkout the Video Here!

See: Mapfolio V2.0 Released




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