10 More Top GEOTech Articles from the MapThis Blog in 2017

We spent some time going through all the goodies we’ve shared over the past 12 months. Looking at the stats to see  what people seemed to enjoy is always fun! These articles give insight as to what some of challenges our users are facing and what topics are important to the community at large – including our vast social media network. So, what were the Hottest Topics that we covered in 2017? We already shared the TOP 10 but we didn’t stop there. Here’s the next 10 most popular posts.

10 new things in arcgis online

  1. 10 Benefits of UAV for GIS Mapping and Data Collection Projects – There’s many reasons to look at UAV technology for your future data collection and GIS project needs.
    GEO Jobe UAV crew on site for volume measurements
  2. New Levels, Roles and Privileges in ArcGIS – With the roll-out of ArcGIS 10.5 comes a pretty major update to the concept of user names, roles, and privileges.
    arcgis user roles
  3. What’s New in ArcGIS Pro – 10 Tips & Tricks, 11 Training Resources and Everything you need to know to go Pro
    arcgis pro
  4. 3 Ways Admin Tools for Portal Will Make Your Life Easier – let’s take a look at just a few things that Admin Tools for Portal can do to help you out!
    admin tools for portal
  5. UAV Data Collection Supports Infrastructure Mapping, 3D, and Higher Resolution GIS at a Lower Cost – some real-World examples of how UAV data collection is redefining the GIS and mapping industry.
    geo jobe UAV services, Tennessee
  6. Esri Supporting and Helping Agencies Respond to #flooding Disaster – Get Access to Software and DataVulnerable Communities in Harvey's Path, Mapped (Source: CitiLab)
  7. 2017 ESRIUC by the Numbers – facts, stats, and numbers of interest
    esriuc the science of where
  8. Steps to Prepare for GIS Day 2017 – Celebrating GIS and Geography, Nov. 15 – There’s many ways to participate, you can make a webmap of #gisday tagged photos or tweets, make a presentation to a classroom, create a video, host a GIS career day, teach people how to fly a drone, or even make a cake!
    gis day 2017
  9. The GIS Professional and Preparing for a “HOT” Career as a Data Scientist – Simply put, a data scientist is a new breed of analyst, one who has technical skills required in order to solve complex problems.
  10. So Long USGS National Map viewer, Hello Advanced ArcGIS Online Public Map Viewer! The primary purpose of the new viewer is to provide our users with a means of visualizing and working with our data over the web.
    usgs advanced map viewer

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We hope that during the year we managed to touch on some of the topics that were important to you and your business. Did we help you at all with any of the challenges you faced? What do you think were the highlights and HOT points from 2017? We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment or hit us up on Twitter @geojobegis – and Good Luck in 2018!!

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