National Mayor’s Water Pledge – Challenges Cities in Water Consumption

Here’s a pretty awesome effort that touches on several topic areas that are close to all of us here at GEO Jobe – Geography, conservation, and geographic learning. My Water Pledge is a friendly competition between cities across the US to see who can be the most “water-wise.” Mayors nationwide will challenge their residents to conserve water, energy and other natural resources on behalf of their city through a series of informative, easy-to-use pledges online. Given that we work with many local governments, utilities, and EDUs this effort surely will touch many of our clients and colleagues closely.

water conservation challenge

Last year residents from 4100 cities participated and pledged to reduce water consumption by 1.9 billion gallons and this year were on pace to top that and we’re expecting over 200 national mayor’s to pledge on behalf of their cities.

Water is everywhere. But only three percent of water on earth is fresh water. And only a fraction of that is available for people to use. The National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation invites teachers and students to learn more about this valuable limited resource and take a series of classroom pledges on behalf of your community to use water wisely.

Mayors across the country will be asking residents to help ensure the sustainability of the nation’s water resources by taking part in the sixth year of a national contest aimed at reducing water waste and pollution. Presented nationally by the Wyland Foundation and Toyota, the non-profit National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation, April 1-30, is a friendly, community based-competition between cities that encourages residents to make a series of water conservation pledges on behalf of their city online at Winning cities are those with the highest percentage of residents who take the challenge.

How it Works:

  • Take the “My Water Pledge” on behalf of your city.
  • See how much you’ve pledged to save.
  • If your city wins and you choose to enter the prize drawing, you are eligible to win one of the following prizes:
    • Grand Prize: All-new 2017 Toyota Prius Prime
    • $500 Shopping Spree at a Home Improvement Store
    • 200 Eco-friendly “Green Your Home” Cleaning Kits from Earth Friendly Products (ECOS)
    • 50 TORO XTRA SMART™ ECXTRA™ Landscape Tier & Wireless Weather Sensor
    • 6 Waterpik Chrome EcoRain® Low Flow Rain Shower Heads
    • 6 Waterpik Eco-Flow® 4-Spray Fixed Shower Heads

Cities will compete in the following population categories: 5,000-29,999, 30,000-99,999, 100,000-299,999. 300,000-599,999, 600,000+). Students and teachers can take part in the pledge, too, by visiting

See more info and get started at

We’re pleased to share this awesome effort and are equally pleased to support our clients and customers of our Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online and GEOPowered Cloud, used by local and regional governments, water utilities, K-12 and higher education, and environmental orgs.

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