New Month, New Admin Tools: v1.5 Out Now

Earlier today, Admin Tools for ArcGIS got a new update. Our Products team has been hard at work to bring you this latest version, complete with new features and improvements like updating user roles and types, exporting web maps by service urls, or improved security to protect your data. Read on to find out how Admin Tools for ArcGIS v1.5 can save you even more time and productivity!

We’re pretty excited, too. Photo Credit: Bruce Mars

More Control Over Your Users

Admin Tools for ArcGIS version 1.5 includes two new features for Pro that give ArcGIS Admins more control over the users in their organizations. There is now a dedicated tool for bulk updating the user types and roles of your ArcGIS Organization members. Use Update Users Type and Role to adjust the settings for multiple users in three simple steps.

The Delete Pending Invitations tool will allow ArcGIS Admins to easily clean up the pending invitations that were set up for potential new users to your ArcGIS Organization that, for one reason or another, never quite made it in.

Search by Service URL

This latest update for Admin Tools for ArcGIS sees the return of some functionality from some historic versions. The Export Web Maps by Service URL will allow ArcGIS Admins to download a CSV with Web Maps that have layers with a specific service URL.

This update will be great for our long-time users who will recognize the return of some very specific (but important) workflows from historical versions of Admin Tools. Most notably, we have dedicated the ability to search and export lists of web maps by specific service URLs (including partial text string matches!) into its own tool. For example, if you wanted to search all your web maps for services that still use ‘http://’ instead of ‘https://,’ or you want to see what web maps are using services that contain the word ‘park,’ you now have a specific tool to do so!

– Blake Bilbo, Head of Customer Support


In addition to these new features, Admin Tools for ArcGIS version 1.5 brings a number of improvements. The Proxy and HTTPS Updates bring additional security to Admin Tools and fits with Esri’s commitment to TLS 1.2 compliance. ArcGIS Administrators can find what they’re looking for more quickly with the upgrades to filtering. Dashboards have been added as a filterable item type, and User Filtering now allows for searching by part of a name. Please note, the partial search functionality only works with the first part of the name – i.e. “Chris” will bring up “Christopher”, “Christian”, and “Christina”, but “son” will not bring up “Johnson”, “Anderson”, and “Jackson”.

Screenshot of Admin Tools for ArcGIS Users list. There is a filter applied for users with the name "Steve". Results include both users with the first name "Steve" and "Steven".
Notice how results include both “Steve” and “Steven”.

Interested in Admin Tools for ArcGIS, but your organization doesn’t have it already? Check out the Free and Pro versions on Esri’s ArcGIS Marketplace. We even offer custom builds for Portal.

Catch Us at the UC

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Blake Bilbo, Head of Customer Support

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