The Power of GIS for All! ArcGIS for Personal Use + Free Self-Paced Learning

Esri truly wants everyone to be able to experience the true power of an enterprise class GIS. The company has already provisioned GIS for the masses in EDU via the ConnectED initiative and now the expansion of GIS for all has made a giant leap. This just got “real” indeed now that Esri has released ArcGIS for personal use – a $100 dollar offering for anyone to jump in and harness the full power of GIS, provided the software is used for personal use – Wow!

arcgis for personal use

Designed to kickstart the career of young professionals, ArcGIS for Personal use has a low price point and ensures that users get access to the full range of capabilities on the ArcGIS platform to create rich, dynamic maps and apps. ArcGIS for Personal Use comes with the tools to make your first map or perform advanced analysis with ArcGIS extensions and ArcGIS Pro. Additionally, ArcGIS for Personal Use includes free, unlimited access to Esri’s large collection of self-paced e-learning!

What’s Included? $100 a year gets you:

Get started with ArcGIS for Personal Use

Note: Users of ArcGIS for Personal use are also encouraged to extend their capabilities and realize productivity efficiencies with our 2 free apps from the ArcGIS Marketplace, Admin Tools and Mapfolio


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  1. Is ArcGIS for Personal Use still available for approx. $100/year? Did not seem very straightforward to purchase.

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