San Diego Gaslamp Adventure Story Map App from 2017 ESRIUC Created Entirely with Android Smartphone

While in attendance at the 2017 ESRIUC in San Diego CA, like many of you, we snapped photos, lots of em!  Now, photos are great, after all, we can post them to facebook in a Gallery, we can share them in real-time via Twitter and Instagram, however, when you ensure that your photos are location-aware and have your GPS setting enabled on your device while capturing these moments you can take sharing to a whole new level! Case in point, this simple Story Map sharing some of our travels around the San Diego Gaslamp District during UC week – enjoy!

san diego gaslamp story map tour, esriuc 2017See the full Story Map Tour HERE

You might be interested to know that this Story Map uses the “Maps Tour” template (See about Story Maps) and was created entirely, from photo capture, to upload, to map authoring, using an Android smartphone.  Esri story map technology has gotten to the point where anyone can quickly and easily author their own maps and apps with little or no coding required, hosting (cloud/ASP) is provided via ArcGIS Online and sharing with the World is pretty much unlimited! To create your own Story Map like this simply follow the steps:

  • Enable GPS location tagging on your smartphone (or mobile device) see your camera/location settings
  • Walk around and snap amazing photos
  • Get yourself an ArcGIS Online account (named user/org account, or a developer account) Note: You must be part of ArcGIS Organization and login as “Publisher” or “Administrator” role to create new Map Tours or use the free Developer Account.
  • Load the Snap2Map mobile app from Esri on your smartphone – available from Google Play and iTunes Store
  • Once finished and back home or at the office Create a New Map Tour
  • Select photos to share from your Gallery
  • Verify location of photos (some may be missing GPS EXIF data)
  • Name your photos and add descriptions (optional)
  • Create your Map Tour
  • Share!

Create new Map Tour using Snap2Map

Upload photos and add descriptions

Verify geo location of photos, publish map tour!

Once your Story Map Tour has been created, users can then easily edit and build upon the app within ArcGIS Online. Additionally, using WebApp builder templates, the tour and accompanying data can be used to create a simple app that is friendly on any mobile platform – and no coding required! Note, if you aren’t sure what to do with your photos, try creating a free Flickr account. If you upload GPS tagged photos to a flickr gallery you can easily import them into a Story Map at a later time – very handy!

About Snap2Map

Snap2Map by Esri Labs  is a native app that allows you to upload geo-tagged photos directly from your phone or tablet to create a place-based narrative as an interactive Map Tour. Then, you can share it with others!  The photos uploaded are hosted in your ArcGIS Organization as feature services. Each new Map Tour will use a new web map and a new web app is registered and configured to work with the web map and photos. As always, you can log into your organization using a browser and configure or modify the Map Tour app as needed.

Another Story Map tour!

Glenn Letham @gletham snapped a few photos while driving to San Diego from Victoria, BC, Canada. Naturally, he uploaded his photos, created a Map tour and has shared them HERE – so easy! For more information and articles from the 2017 ESRIUC, see our Recap of Recaps


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