When Severe Weather Approaches Turn to the Severe Weather WX WebMap

Spring is in the air and with the change of season comes warmer temperatures, plenty of rain for some regions, and even heavy snow if you happen to be along the front Range. The extreme variance in temperature also means that extreme weather will become more common, bringing tornados, thunder storms, heavy winds, and other destructive forces of Mother Nature.  As a result, we’ve turned our spotlight on a fine webmap resource that is a Must Bookmark to help keep you safe.

severe weather map

Being prepared is always the best course of action, however, for most of us we depend on alerts and warnings. These typically come from weather alert systems from NOAA, NWS and other emergency service providers. For us geographers we will likely turn to the map or webmap to stay informed. Enter the Severe WX Warn webmap.

weather map

Local weather warnings and alerts like this flood advisory in Tennessee

The severe weather warning webmap is a fabulous web service that mashes up weather related warnings, alerts and notifications from Government agencies all over America. Using the map is simple, just pan the map for an area of interest, consult the legend for color coding that may appear in your area, click on the area to reveal the latest warning of interest, then act accordingly!

A number of useful data layers are provided from agencies like NOAA, the National Weather Service (NWS), as well as data feeds from radar data sources all over the country. Warnings are provided to inform about:

  • marine warnings
  • tornado warnings
  • Extreme wind
  • severe thunderstorm
  • flash flood
  • high surf
  • ice storm
  • gale warning
  • hurricane
  • extreme cold
  • blizzard
  • avalanche danger
  • dense fog
  • wind chill and much more!

You can browse the Severe WX Warn Webmap HERE

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Severe WX is just one example of a web service that people depend upon to stay safe and the creators (and public) depend on it to be up and running.  If you have a web service and/or map server and are curious about an option to save costs on your server hosting, guarantee uptime and performance, you may wish to check out our GEOPowered Cloud as a solution – the best of Esri’s enterprise GIS products without the cost and overhead of an on-premises deployment.

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