#TBT Admin Tools, from Team Productivity Tool to #1 MarketPlace App

Thursday is a great day to look back at things and enjoy how a company or solution has evolved. And so, why not a #ThowbackThursday Quick-Look at our Admin Tools for ArcGIS.


Rewind to the early days, Admin Tools was born out of requirements of the team to service clients – this is often the source for much inspiration here and likely within your organization. Admin Tools, as seen in the “historical”, and fun, graphic above, was used faithfully by a growing community of 400+ organizations back in 2015. Fast-forward to 2016 and users are coming on board daily, easily surpassing a strong user base within 2500+ organizations.

A favorite feature of Admin Tools here with the dev team at GEO Jobe is cloning. Case in point, the cloning logic in Admin Tools can be used to programmatically deploy content from a source organization to a target org, thus, reducing many days off the process that would typically be required. One-Click Deployment is also right up there as a favorite feature, however, we’ll go into more deeper in a future post. Indeed, Admin Tools has matured to the #1 App in the ArcGIS MarketPlace for good reason. It really is a must-have for any administrator – oh, and yes indeed, there’s a pretty robust Free version available to get you started.

See more about Admin Tools (free, pro, and Portal)

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