The ArcGIS Enterprise Solution You May Not Know You’ve Always Needed

As your friendly neighborhood GIS Consulting Company, our clients have come to rely on us to recommend the best workflows and solutions to get what they need accomplished. We do our best to keep our finger on the pulse of technology and trends, and keep an ear to the ground for unique ways to get work done. But sometimes, there’s a solution so novel and so disruptive to the very nature of the day-to-day life of ArcGIS Enterprise content, that you never thought about it, until now.

security.manager by con terra provides fine-grained, configurable access to ArcGIS Enterprise content in a way you might not have assumed was possible! No longer will you need to waste time and resources to re-create or copy larger datasets because you need to provide limited access to specific parts of that same content. With security.manager, you get:

  1. Enhanced security 
  2. Less redundant content spread across your organization 
  3. Access to a simple, clean interface to set it all up

GEO Jobe GIS have partnered with con terra to distribute this GEO Solution to North America. The ease of use provided by security.manager fits perfectly within Geo Jobe’s philosophy of “The Power of GIS, simplified.” So, how does this filtered access and enhanced security work? You can see security.manager in action in this demonstration:

Behold! The ability to filter content by layer, field, attribution, and even spatial region relevant to that user’s role! Again, there are no redundant datasets or services being produced. This is all the same service being served in a manner that’s completely configurable. As with many of our own solutions such as Admin Tools and Clean My Org, the use-cases for security.manager are what we call “industry-agnostic” and can provide value to anyone with the need to streamline their users’ access to specific content; whether it’s because of secure or sensitive information or managing large datasets by region or relevant responsibility. It’s very possible that security.manager is the ArcGIS Enterprise solution you may not know you’ve always needed!

If you would like to have more information, please check out the product page for security.manager, or reach out to use a

Head of Customer Support