The Little Esri Powered Webmap with 16 Million Users in One Week @PokeVisionGo

An interesting update about the massively popular mobile treasure hunting game, PokemonGo alerted us about a clever developer who decided to help players around the Globe by launching a webmap (powered by ArcGIS Online, Leaflet and other technologies) to help players locate STOPS and treasures on the map. And get this, the Esri powered site has been visited by 16 million people in just six days!

pokevision webmap for pokemonGo

Created by PokéVision’s Y.L.,  the site blew up in popularity by showing exactly where certain Pokémon can be found at any given time. Some notable things about the site:

  • visited by 16 million people in just six days (perhaps the dev team might be in need of some help with our GeoPowere Cloud solution!)
  • it came online Tuesday, July 19
  • after just one day they had around 8,000 concurrent active users on the site
  • at most recent count (estimate) they have over 16 million unique users
  • PokéVision is intercepting data from the game’s servers but hasn’t been in contact with them – yet. We’re guessing the PokemonGo crew may be in touch with the developer

You can read the entire interview from techinsider HERE. Are you developing apps for PokemonGo? Tweet us @geojobeGIS if you are. We also read about one San Diego GeoGeek who rolled out a social media map of PokemonGo STOPS and Tweets for Comic-CON, all done with ArcGIS Online.

Find the PokeVision Webmap at

Note: Reddit has a resource for developers that are building on the PokemonGo experience

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