Throwback Thursday #TBT – Admin Tools, But on Your Portal for ArcGIS

Thursday is a great day to look back on all the great stuff from the past, even if it was just one short year ago. Updates on the web and on social media come and go in the blink of an eye, so we want to take advantage of the Throwback Thursday concept (#TBT) to remind our readers and users about some of the goodies that they may have missed out on – it happens!

admin tools for portal

Case in point, Admin Tools for Portal, our “Premium” offering for the enterprise user who has specific needs, concerns, and administrative requirements. About one year ago, GEO Jobe CEO, Neill Jobe (@neilljobe), shared an update on this by reiterating 5 key things about the Admin Tools suite of administrative tools for ArcGIS Online, but packaged for deployment on your I.T. infrastructure and designed specifically for integration with on-premises implementations of Portal for ArcGIS.

Neill’s 5 reasons to adopt Admin Tools for Portal include:

  1. A streamlined portal administration can now be realized behind your firewall
  2. Each purchase of Admin Tools for Portal also comes with one provision of Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online (Pro) – because we know you may want to use ArcGIS Online too!
  3. Admin Tools for Portal is installed on your web servers that reside on your private network – so rest assured that your portal administration needs will be met as well
  4. Support is coming soon for tight integration with your security configurations, such as enterprise identity stores, single sign-on, LDAP and PKI.
  5. Scalable! Special volume pricing allows you to support your internal administration needs while realizing per-unit cost savings

Still not convinced? When asked about HOT things one can do with Admin Tools for Portal, Vasu Pillalamarri, Admin Tools Customer Success Manager, added, “one of the most powerful, and useful things an administrator can do with Admin tools is to run queries about your Portal and usage.”

Some of the Common Queries run, according to Vasu, include:

  • What are all the public items and/or groups in my portal? (i.e. security audit)
  • Show me all items that haven’t been modified within a certain time range. (think static content that could potentially be cleaned out)
  • Show me all service items so I can get a sense for data footprint in AGOL (i.e. credit usage). Now filter by user to see who is using the most.
  • Which items have been created recently? (i.e. what is happening, who is doing it and are they adhering to policies regarding sharing, tagging, etc.)
  • All of these queries can be exported to CSV and then opened in Excel for report formatting

Interested in more information? Contact us to request pricing and specifications for Admin Tools for Portal, single license or volume pricing for your org. For detailed examples of what you can accomplish, see also this video tutorial series of what you can accomplish with Admin tools for ArcGIS Online

Still unsure which tier of Admin tools is for you? Check out the functionality matrix to compare the Free, Pro, and Portal versions. Remember, your administrator can grab the admin tools free or Pro from the ArcGIS Marketplace before signing up forĀ  license for Portal!

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