User Management Tips – Using Admin Tools for ArcGIS

Our Admin Tools have quite a diverse selection of ways to handle how content is served over ArcGIS. Although, we shouldn’t overlook the user management portion of the tools. Here are some tips on some of the tools that should absolutely help on that front:

Add Tags to Users.

This is one that I personally can’t emphasize enough! The ability to add ANY tag you’d like — in bulk, mind you — to categorize and organize your users. It will prove to be an invaluable advantage the moment you start to use any one of our other tools. When filtering users you can do so by using the tags. This means you can potentially have a very complex and dynamic selection of specific users to access in seconds.

This tool is available in the free version of admin Tools. Which means you really have no excuse not to start organizing right away!

Export and Import Users from CSV.

This is another great combination of tools simply because of the sheer utility it provides. In a few clicks, you can have access to as much (or as little) information about any and all of your users. This is great for Documentation across your platform:

With the Pro version of Admin Tools, you can import that CSV with any edits you have made, (either by hand, or courtesy of your favorite spreadsheet software) back into admin tools and make large-scale updates, as needed.

export users

Delete Users.

Are you an Administrator who’s had to handle the deletion of one or more users that still own content? Then you are very much aware of the situation ahead of you in the native ArcGIS user interface. With our administrator-focused deletion tool, we give you access to exactly what you need when this happens, without leaving the tool, or operation:

delete users

Enable / Disable User Login (New!)

Using this new tool in conjunction with filters, sorting fields, and those tags I mentioned earlier gives the administrator an efficient and very effective control over the logins of their users in bulk.

Now, knowing these tips and tools, you should be able to manage your users in a much more effective and time-saving way!

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