What’s New in Admin Tools for ArcGIS v 2.1.1

Earlier this month, we released a new version of Admin Tools for ArcGIS. The improvements and advancements we build into our products are driven by user feedback and requests. To see what’s new and improved in Admin Tools for ArcGIS version 2.1.1, read on.

New Features

Filter Content by CSV

Sometimes users will want to interact with a specific subset of users, groups, or items they have stored in a spreadsheet or CSV. Users have let us know it would be helpful if they could use this CSV to filter their content in Admin Tools for ArcGIS, and now you can!

Image displaying the upload screen for a CSV file that will be used to filter the displayed content in Admin Tools for ArcGIS.
To filter an item by CSV, you simply need to upload a file with the ID field (for items or groups) or the username field (for users) included.

Other new features for this update include:

  • The ability to Export User Entitlements via CSV, with the last-used date
  • A filter for displaying items based on a url in the item’s content
  • A filter for displaying users based on Esri Access (userType)
  • Update Web Map Bookmarks tool now allows users to copy existing bookmarks


  • Thumbnail Generator: Changes are now saved as the user performs them (users no longer have to ‘update’ after each edit)
  • Update Item Content URL: Added text-matching workflow for bulk changes
  • Image and Icons now have tags added to improve accessibility
  • Find/Replace Web Maps Services URLs improvements
  • Copy Web Map Symbology: improvements for map services in a variety of situations
  • Support for Group Layers across all tools
  • Copy Web Map Symbology: titles shown when available in select symbology
  • Improvements to dependency cache (Enterprise)
  • IE non-supported warning added
  • Delete Items: Additional delete confirmations and notifications
Stock image of people fist bumping in a circle.
Admin Tools for ArcGIS grows and improves with customer feedback. Is there something you’d like in Admin Tools for ArcGIS? Let us know! ( Image Source )

Bug Fixes

  • View Item Dependencies: Non-group layers with the ‘layers’ property now display properly
  • Copy Items: fixed issue from not selecting owner folder on final step and proceeding
  • Remove Duplicate Services in Web Maps: fix for selecting layers after using back button
  • Register Service: Error handling for fetching bad folders from service URL
  • Fix for filters with ‘undefined’ fields
  • Fix for Group sharing
  • Server option for ignoring bad certs
  • Migrate Users: fix for idpusername
  • Copy Web Map Symbology: fix for step two filter not applying correctly
  • Fix for popouts after changing pages causing crash
  • Fix for role field not displaying correctly without a refresh if very large number of users

How to Get the Update

If you use Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online connectors (free or paid), the updates are already live. If you don’t see any of the new features, your webpage may be cached. Clear the cache and hard refresh the webpage to see the changes.

If you use Admin Tools for ArcGIS Enterprise connectors, you can check your version number in the lower left corner of the application. If you are using an older version of Admin Tools for ArcGIS, contact us to request an updated build.

If you don’t have Admin Tools for ArcGIS and would like to try it out, you can find Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online connectors in the ArcGIS Marketplace. If you’d like a copy of Admin Tools for ArcGIS Enterprise connector or a demo of the product, please reach out to our sales team for assistance.

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