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I have a personal interest in the current extreme Wildfire situation in B.C., Canada as it is my home Province. Recall, recently we shared the story of how our friends and colleagues at Esri small business startup, Echosec, supported their lead developer in building a BC wildfire public information ArcGIS online resource in order to help keep the public informed and safe. Building on that and after searching for additional resources, the following is a list of useful map and webmap resources providing real-time and near real-time information, news, updates, and other data of interest. As resources are found, this list will continue to grow (please feel free to share your tips to be included here)

Maps & Webmaps of interest for #BCwildfires

CBC regularly updated wildfire location maps

Note, you may be wondering to yourself, where does all the smoke go from the B.C wildfires? The Government of Canada has a web resource that is regularly updated with maps showing the direction and location of smoke from wildfires – See the wildfire contribution maps HERE

Canadian Wildland Fire Information system

Canadian Wildland Fire Information System

The Regional District of Okanagen-Similkameen evacuation order maps

BC Government – BC Wildfire Service map of Active Wildfires

Thompson-Nicola Evacuation Sites & status Updates Webmap

Cariboo Regional district Evacuation Orders and Alerts ArcGIS Webmap

Cariboo Regional District Evacuation Orders And Alert Areas

BC Firemap Plus, helps the public to be informed about wildfire dangers, emergency response resources and more. Esri Startup program company Echosec director of product development, Neil Johnston, had a personal interest and used his skills to quickly pull together public, open data and make it available to all.

Public Wildfire Information Map

See BC Firemap Plus


More Weblinks:

Do you maintain or know of a useful online Webmap or map resource that can help support the BCWildfires emergency response effort? Please share in a comment or message @gletham on Twitter

Useful Twitter Accounts to follow:

  • @bcgovfireinfo
  • @emergencyinfoBC
  • @bchydro
  • @bcwildfirehelp
  • #BCwildfire

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