Top 10 GEOTech Articles from the MapThis Blog in 2017

2017 has been busy for us at GEO Jobe. We’ve seen a number of new staffers join the team, our UAV Services Group has been soaring to new heights, the Dev team has been rolling out updates to Admin Tools, Mapfolio, MapLapse, and supporting efforts with partner companies, and our enterprise Services Group has been killing it with the GEOPowered Cloud solution with technological updates and innovations and supporting the many enterprise orgs/clients that depend on our Cloud solution to keep them up and running.

As part of our marketing efforts, our MapThis blog (yes, the one you’re reading right now) has been chock full of fresh content, GEO Tips, news and updates all year long, with new blogs and articles added several times a week. These articles give insight as to what some of challenges our users are facing and what topics are important to the community at large – including our vast social media network. So, what were the Hottest Topics that we covered in 2017?

TOP 10 articles we shared on our blog

  1. MapThis GIS Professional Q&A with Esri’s Joseph Kerski – If you’ve ever attended the annual ESRIUC and stopped by the Education Island or attended a local Esri Educational event you may have met Joseph Kerski – and if you did, you definitely would remember him! Joseph is the ultimate GIS professional / Geography enthusiast and a very vocal and passionate evangelist.gis professional, joseph kerski
  2. The 2017 ESRIUC and 10 Things You Don’t Want to Miss! – There’s a number of things you don’t want to miss out on and here we’ll share our list of 10 things you must see and do while attending ESRIUC.
    2017 esriuc - 10 things not to miss
  3. Vision of The GEOPowered Cloud – An Enterprise GIS Deployment Platform – A platform offering shared and dedicated hosting supporting ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise and Esri partner solutions.Vision of The GEOPowered Cloud - An Enterprise GIS Deployment Platform
  4. Web GIS Explained – 5 Essential Elements and What is Web GIS? – A hot buzz term that you’ll be hearing quite often these days is “Web GIS”, however, you may be wondering to yourself, what is Web GIS as it seems fairly broad in scope.
    Elements of a web GIS application
  5. Get Inspired with Free, Retro Space Tourism Posters from NASA – What better way to really geek out than with amazing, beautiful posters, lots of them! Well, thanks to NASA you can decorate your entire office, garage or living room with them. Enter NASA – Exotic Cosmic Locales Available as Space Tourism Posters
    Free, Retro Space Tourism Posters
  6. GeoMarvel and GEO Jobe, Announce MapLapse in Esri’s ArcGIS Marketplace – Something new for users of ArcGIS Online in the Esri Marketplace – Discover imagery in ArcGIS Online with MapLapse! Create time lapse map images, share, download and save them. Powered by ArcGIS Online
  7. 10 Must Consider Solutions for Working With LiDAR in GIS or UAV Mapping Projects – We explore some options for professionals interested in LiDAR by sharing 10 Software solutions that you might want to consider to help managing, analyzing, and working with LiDAR.
    LiDAR dataset of a section of highway (Source: Safe Software)
  8. What is ArcGIS Pro? Pro at ESRIUC, and 10 ArcGIS Pro Migration Tips – Pro is customizable and extensible, and while it is a completely new application, supports easy migration of existing ArcGIS Desktop documents, data and tools. We share some ArcGIS Pro migration tips, a look at what is ArcGIS Pro and a list of 10 useful resources.
    arcgis pro projects
  9. FAA Rolls out Online Map system (ArcGIS) – Provides UAV Pilots with UAS Facility Maps for Airports – The maps will help drone operators improve the quality of their Part 107 airspace authorization requests and help the FAA process the requests more quicklyFAA online maps - FAA Online Map system
  10. Best Maps to Plan for The Great 2017 Solar Eclipse over the USA – If you were walking through the main hall at the 2017 ESRIUC you may have noticed an amazing, 30 foot long map on the wall showing the path of the best viewing spots for the 2017, Augut 21 summer eclipse over the USATour the Great American Eclipse of 2017

We hope that during the year we managed to touch on some of the topics that were important to you and your business. Did we help you at all with any of the challenges you faced? What do you think were the highlights and HOT points from 2017? We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to elave a comment or hit us up on Twitter @geojobegis – and Good Luck in 2018!!

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